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Which is better, electric or gas heat?

Gas or electricity? This is a question that a lot of people ask when they have to decide how to heat their home. The answer will vary depending on your climate and your living space.

Natural gas and electricity are not the same, just as living in a flat or a chalet or living in Murcia or Teruel are not the same.

We’ll tell you the advantages of each heating system, clearly and simply.


Gas heat: cold climate, large house

Generally speaking, natural gas tends to be more efficient and affordable than electricity as a heating system.

But it all depends on your situation: to begin with, if you don’t have access to the piped gas network (which is common in rural areas and separate homes) this is not an option for you.

Despite the great success that gas heating systems have had in Spain, it’s a fact that it gives you more in cold environments and large houses.

In warm climates and/or small flats, you have to weigh not only the area heated but also how much you will pay for installation,the boiler and maintenance.

Advantages of natural gas

  • Immediate heat: with a good boiler you can be sure you will never be cold.
  • Value for your money: in large houses and/or cold climates your gas bill will be less than your electric bill, especially with a competitive tariff like One Gas.


Electric heat: warm climates, small flat

As opposed to gas, electric heat is a good choice in places with temperate or notably warm climates. It is also advisable in small flats that can be easily heated.

It is without a doubt the best choice for second homes where power is consumed at certain times.

If you have decided on electric heat, we’ll explain to you different types of radiators for this situation

Advantages of electric heat

  • No installation or major investment: with the sole (and important) exception of radiant heat, electric heat does not require expensive and complex installations.
  • No maintenance: no worries and you just turn on the radiators.
  • Free power times: with the Tempo Happy Tariff you can select 2 hours a day or 1 day a week for which you won’t have to pay for power.
“Natural gas heat is better for large houses and/or cold climates. Electric heat is suitable for small flats and warm climates.”
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