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Property administrators

Endesa is launching an Exclusive Service that meets the building management needs of owners’ associations. Discover a different model, our digital platform.

We want to help you manage everything

Endesa wants to help you manage your building owners’ association in the simplest way to save as much time as possible, to do this we have an Online Office open 24/7 focused on all the day-to-day tasks involved, so you can easily manage everything, not only changing contracts, but all kinds of issues: complaints, account holder changes, downloading bills, etc.

We have developed a reliable system that integrates with the main property management systems so you spend less time on doing the accounts for your energy supply bills.

We also have a grouped collection service, which makes doing the accounts for your association's bills easier, as the different supplies are grouped into a single bill.

In addition, we want your association to enjoy the energy products that best suit its needs, exclusive discounts on Electricity and Gas and a variety of products intended exclusively for building owners’ associations.

We offer you the best advice to evaluate the consumption profile of the communities you manage and to offer maximum savings and efficiency.

Exclusive offers

You will benefit from exclusive products and discounts for Property Owners’ Associations

Cutting-edge technology

Bills incorporated using software that manages more than 75% of Spain’s Property Owners’ Associations.

Guaranteed supply

You will have access to your energy and advice tailored to meet your needs at all times.

Exclusive online office

You will be able to manage your contracts and bills from anywhere at any time.

Personalized service

Send us your information and we will get in touch with you.
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