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What is self-consumption?

Jump on board the clean energy train. How to install it and benefit from all its advantages by creating your own energy.

What is self-consumption?

Generating your own electricity using photovoltaic panels is what we at Endesa call self-consumption.

You generate energy where you are going to consume it: at home or at your business. 


How is self-consumption regulated?

Royal Decree 244/2019, 5 April, regulating the administrative, technical and economic conditions of electricity self-consumption. It also does away with self-consumption charges, simplifies the packages and enables collective self-sufficiency.


What do I need to install it?

Setting yourself up with a photovoltaic self-consumption installation is much simpler than it seems. All you need are:

  • One or more solar panels.
  • A direct to alternating current inverter with its connection to the photovoltaic panels.


What are the advantages of self-consumption?

  • Sustainability: we are helping to prevent greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable, inexhaustible and environmentally friendly energies. Because the energy flows directly from the system to your accumulator, energy loss in transportation is also avoided.
  • Savings: you can save up to 50% on your electricity bill by installing solar panels in your home. It is important for you to know that the closer the match between your consumption and production profile, the more savings you will make. Once you pay off the initial investment, you will soon realise that generating your own energy is cheaper than buying it. 
  • The initial investment pays off: it goes without saying that installing a self-consumption system in your home involves a significant up-front outlay. However, your installation will start paying for itself from day one. According to our calculations, it will have paid for itself and start making you money after 10 years
  • Additional advantages: some of Spain's autonomous regions are actively supporting self-consumption, a trend which is on the rise. We are talking some big tax breaks, such as saving up to half your Local Property Tax (IBI) if you have a self-consumption installation in your home. 


What types of self-consumption are there?

Self-consumption supply without surpluses

With this package, your installation is fitted with an anti-diversion device that prevents the energy generated by your self-consumption installation from being fed into the general electricity grid.


Self-consumption supply with surpluses 

With this package, any surplus energy you generate is fed into the transportation and distribution grid. 

Then you have the option of acquiring a surplus compensation mechanism. In other words, the price of the surplus energy generated by your self-consumption installation and consumed by other users is subtracted from your bill: the economic value of the kWh you contribute to the grid will be taken off your monthly consumption bill, thereby saving you money.

There are some prerequisites with respect to choosing this option:

  • Total power cannot exceed 100kW in production facilities.
  • The consumer and the producer must sign a surpluscompensation contract.


How can I sign up for self-consumption with Endesa?

If you are interested in self-consumption, there are two possible situations:

  • You don't have your photovoltaic installation yet: in this case we recommend a comprehensive solution that takes care of installation, maintenance and even financing. If you want to know more, go to Solar Photovoltaic Solutions.
  • You already have your photovoltaic installation: we recommend the best rate to jump on the clean energy train. Sign up for Tempo Solar and start getting a return on your investment.
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