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How to register your power and gas supply

If you do not have a power or gas supply, you need to activate an account. This situation usually occurs in new homes or places where the supply was cut for whatever reason.

Before doing anything, the first thing you need to be clear on is why you would need to request a new registration to begin with. New registrations must be requested under the following circumstances:

  • New construction in which there has never been a prior power or gas supply.
  • Resold housing or premises where there has been a supply in the past, but it has since been disconnected.

It is very important that you not confuse registering an account with switching energy suppliers. Activation of an account is only for when there is no existing supply. Switching energy suppliers means simply going from one supplier to another. It is a quick procedure and there won't be any interruption to the power or gas supply at any time.

  • If there is already a power or gas supply in your home, there is no need to request an activation, but you can change your tariff or supplier for free. We explain here how to change suppliers.
  • If you are already with Endesa and you want to change your energy tariff, find the energy that best suits you.


What documentation do you need to activate an energy supply connection?

During the process of applying for a power or gas supply, we will ask you for the following documentation:

An employee from your distribution company will go to your home or premises to activate your energy supply. If installing electrical power, they will install the Power Control Switch (ICP) , which is responsible for regulating the chosen service capacity.


How much does it cost to activate a power or gas supply?

Registering a power or gas supply involves some costs that are the same everywhere, regardless of the distributor.

In addition to the following, there may be other costs related to equipment installation, deposits and fees. In all cases, these amounts go to the distributor, but are paid in the first invoice you receive (sent by the energy supplier):

Activation costs for a new supply

There is a cost involved in connecting your electricity supply for the first time (or reactivating it after more than three years without use) (Royal Decree 1995/2000 of 1 December 2000):

  • Access charges: paid when a new supply connection is contracted or the existing service capacity is increased.
  • Extension charges: paid when the distributor’s infrastructure is used in the case of new connections, to increase the contracted service capacity or if the supply point has not been used for more than three years.
  • Grid connection charges: paid when the electricity installation is connected to the grid.
  • Inspection charges: paid when an installation is inspected.
  • Security deposit: as per Article 79 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, this is a sum that has to be deposited when the contract is signed, and is equal to the theoretical monthly charge for using the contracted supply capacity for a period of fifty hours.

There is a cost involved in connecting your gas supply for the first time (or reactivating it after more than five years without use) (Royal Decree 1434/2002 of 14 December 2002):

  • Service access charges: paid to the distributor for installing a new supply point or increasing the capacity of an existing one.
  • If a supply contract is cancelled, service access rights will be retained for a period of five years.
  • Service connection charges: paid on contracting a piped gas supply or increasing the capacity of an existing one. These charges cover the cost of connecting and inspecting the installation.
  • Security deposit: as per Article 79 of Royal Decree 1955/2000, this is a sum that has to be deposited when the contract is signed and is equal to the theoretical monthly charge for using the contracted supply capacity for a period of fifty hours.

What if I need a new connection?

If there is no power or gas supply in your home or premises and you need to install one so that energy reaches it, the connection must be requested and then your energy distribution company will take action.

The distributor's role is to get the energy to your home or premises. You cannot choose the distributor and you have one per zone. You are, however, always free to choose your energy supplier, which is the company with which you have a contract and the one that sends you the invoices.

For electrical power, check which distributor covers each territory below:

Map of Spain with the areas corresponding to each electric distributor. The information is explained below in text.

Although there are variations, especially between neighbouring areas, electricity distribution companies generally handle the following territories:

  • e-distribución Catalonia, Aragon, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the province of Badajoz.
  • i-DE Basque Country, Navarre, La Rioja, Castilla y León except for Segovia province and the west of the province of León, Madrid, except the south of the community, the province of Cáceres, the west of Toledo province, the north of Guadalajara province, the Valencian Community and Murcia.
  • UFD Galicia, the west of León province, Segovia province, the south of the Community of Madrid, Ciudad Real province, Cuenca province, most of Toledo province and the south of Guadalajara province.
  • E-REDES Asturias
  • Viesgo Distribución Cantabria and some areas of southern and western Asturias.


If you want to register for power activation and need a new connection, read the following carefully

If your home or premises is located in one of the autonomous communities and provinces whose distributor is e-Distribution, we give you the option of activating the connection to the distribution and discharge of the contract, both at the same time.

Does your area belong to another distributor? Don't worry, we are working so that we can also activate these connections to the network  other distributors' networks.

Once you fill in the registration form, we will proceed to request your connection to the distribution network. When everything is ready to activate the electricity contract, we can contact you to confirm that everything is OK and formalise the energy contract.

The 'One' tariff you register for is the cheapest at Endesa and has no commitment to stay. If you then want to switch it to another one, you can easily do so without any problems or penalties.

You can check the conditions of this tariff:

  • One Luz 2.0DHA (for consumption equal to or less than 10kWh).
  • One Luz 2.1DHA (for consumption greater than 10kWh and/or equal to or less than 15kWh).

Find out more about the general contracting conditions, including the digital invoicing conditions, an essential requirement for contracting the One tariff.

If you are satisfied that you understand everything, you can go ahead and

Discover your energy

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