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Tempo Rate

Depending on the Tempo rate you sign up to, you can enjoy a series of benefits depending on whether you prefer a single price all day long or whether you prefer to have periods with a lower price.



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Possibility of spending less with Off-peak hours.

Peace of mind

Possibility of choosing a stable price 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


We apply a 5% discount forever, both on the power and energy term, for an indefinite period.

Choose the option that best suits your company.

Do you need the same rate 24 hours a day, or will you be able to concentrate your energy consumption at certain times? You choose.

Tempo Siempre Ganas

A single price is established. In addition, you can get a bigger discount depending on the way you consume.

If you manage to consume more than half your energy in the cheap hours (off-peak), we will apply a 1% discount on the energy term for every 1% of consumption in off-peak hours.

Tempo Nocturna

You will enjoy cheaper rates at night:

  • Summer hours: 23:00 - 13:00.
  •  Winter hours: 22:00 - 12:00.

Tempo 24h

If you want to enjoy the same rate 24 hours a day.


Tempo is the electricity rate that allows you to have a fixed rate 24 hours a day without any surcharges, or, in the event that your company concentrates its consumption at certain times, gives you a better rate during those hours.

Tempo 24h

Access Fee Power term €/kW and month Energy term €/kWh
2.0 DHA 3,785418 0,158626
2.1 DHA 3,973138 0,154779

Tempo Nocturna

Access Fee Power term €/kW and month Energy term €/kWh Peak Energy term €/kWh Off-peak
2.0 DHA 3,785418 0,168081 0,097510
2.1 DHA 3,973138 0,178288 0,106139

Tempo Siempre Ganas

Access Fee Power term €/kW and month Energy term €/kWh
2.0 DHA 3,785418 0,158626*
2.1 DHA 3,973138 0,154779*

Prices with discounts included. Taxes not included.

* An additional discount of 1% on the energy term would be applied for each 1% that the consumption in the valley exceeds 50% of the total consumption. 

The price of the hours with the 24h Rate is better than the price for Peak hours.


Terms of business

PDF (5.32MB) Download

Tempo 24 hours Rate terms and conditions

PDF (0.49MB) Download

Tempo Nocturna Rate terms and conditions

PDF (0.49MB) Download

Tempo Siempre Ganas Rate terms and conditions

PDF (0.49MB) Download
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