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Óptima Rate

Allows you to maximise savings by adapting your consumption to the lowest cost periods, by contracting only the power you need in each moment.



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With this rate it is possible to increase savings by moving consumption to the hours with lower energy demand (off-peak hours).


Offers an indefinite discount on your electricity consumption.


Easy to contract: without costs, changes to your installation or supply cut-offs.


Óptima rate: up to 450 kW Peak hours Mid-peak hours Off-peak hours
Power charge 4,931122 €/kW and month 3,040891 €/kW and month 0,697311 €/kW and month
Energy charge 0,097399 €/kWh and month 0,090843 €/kWh and month 0,071349 €/kWh and month

Prices (no discount included). Taxes not included.

Ideal for business whose consumption activity can be adapted to th lowest-cost periods (hours with lowest energy demand):


Winter time (all year long in Balearic Islands):

  • Off-peak hours: 0 to 8h.
  • Peak hours: 18 to 22h.
  • Mid-peak hours: 8 to 18h and 22 to 0h.


Summer time:

  • Off-peak hours: 0 to 8h.
  • Peak hours: 11 to 15h.
  • Mid-peak hours: 8 to 11h and 15 to 0h.


Tarifa Óptima terms of contract

PDF (1.07MB) Download

Tarifa Óptima terms and conditions

PDF (0.46MB) Download