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How to view your bill

View all your bills at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. Just log in to your Private Customer Area.

How to view your bills

In your Endesa Private Area, you can find all your electricity, gas and/or maintenance services bills. They are organised automatically so you can quickly view them from anywhere that has an internet connection. You will never lose a bill, and you can always see how much you spent last month, or the month before that, or a year ago...

All you need to do is register:

Once in your Private Area, go to the "My bills" section. You will see your bills in chronological order, with their corresponding amount, and you can download them in PDF and XML format (fully valid for tax purposes).


How to understand your bills

Once you have access to all your bills, you may have some questions about them. To help you, we have prepared the following video:

We also have a section with frequently asked questions about bills. Have a read through them, because it is likely that someone has wondered exactly the same thing that you have:

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