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What documentation do you need to process your electricity self-consumption installation?

The procedures and documentation required to be able to begin electricity self-consumption have been greatly simplified with the latest changes in regulations.

We would like to explain the entire procedure to avoid unnecessary costs and not to incur administrative problems that could lead to delays in implementation.


Types of self-consumption installation

One of the factors that will have the greatest impact on the type of documents you will need to process an electricity self-consumption systems is the size and type of installation:

  • Domestic installations for private self-consumption that do not feed surpluses into the grid.
  • Domestic installations that feed surplus electricity into the grid.
  • Self-consumption systems shared between a number of consumers.

The documentation required will also depend on the power in kW that the self-consumption installation is capable of generating. If the power generated is less than 10kW the formalities are greatly simplified: this is the most common case for domestic installations and this is where we will focus our attention.


Documentation for installations generating less than 10kW

Documents are presented in two phases: the first phase is prior to the installation of self-consumption system.

Documents prior to the installation of the system:

Where to obtain it
Building permit
Twon Hall
Environmental authorisation Regional Ministry of the Autonomous Community
Self-consumption code* (UCC) Electricity distribution company

*In the event that your installation is on land that has not been urbanised, you will need to request authorisation for access and connection. In that case, the distributor will provide you with the UCC when you start this procedure.

Documentation required after installation:

Where to obtain it
Activity licence
Local authority 
Electrical Installation Certificate
Regional Ministry of the Autonomous Community
Distribution agreement (for shared self-consumption)
See Annex V. Documentation Models in the Guide to Self-Consumption published by the IDAE (Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy)
Registration or modification of the supply contract, the access contract and the connection contract
Electricity Company contracted
Contract for the Remuneration of Surplus between the producer and the associated

Endesa has launched a programme to help and advise those users who are interested in investing in a self-consumption installation using solar panels.

We will take care of all the procedures and the documentation required to install and initiate your electricity self-consumption systems.

All the documentation step by step:

Building permit and environmental authorisation:

When undertaking any installation of solar panels or electricity self-consumption system this documentation needs to be correctly presented to both the Local Authority and the Regional Government.

Self-consumption installations should apply for a building permit in accordance with the municipal regulations in force at the chosen site: Municipal regulations will define whether it is sufficient to simply make a responsible declaration and/or prior communication of the building work.

Self-consumption installations with surpluses and producing less than 100 kW should not require environmental impact or public utility procedures, except in cases where the site is in a protected area.


Electricity self-consumption code (CAU):

The self-consumption code will identify the self-consumption installation, as it relates all the associated consumption and generation points. It is a numerical code that identifies your installation and is provided by the electricity distributor for you or your representative (installer, developer of the self-consumption installation).

This number will need to be given to the Regional Administration when you process the self-consumption installation.


Adaptation of the access contract with the distribution company:

Finally, when you receive our letter with the data provided by your regional authority regarding your self-consumption installation, you must confirm within ten working days that they are correct and contract the product that best suits your needs. In turn, we will take the necessary steps with the distribution company to modify your access contract to reflect the type of self-consumption you are using and thus comply with current regulations.


Electrical installation certificate:

The Electrical Installation Certificate, or CIE, is a document that certifies the safety and good condition of the self-consumption installation. This documentation is necessary to register or modify your electricity supply contract to adapt it to the type of electricity self-consumption you have chosen.


Supply contract and access and connection contract with the power company:

Finally, when you receive a letter from your marketer with the data for your self-consumption installation, you will only need to call us to confirm this and contract the energy consumption rate that best suits your needs. Then the marketer will complete the procedure with the distributor for the corresponding modification of your access and connection contract in accordance with the applicable mode of self-consumption.

Contract for Remuneration of Surplus

This is signed by the producer and the associated consumer under the modality of self-consumption with surplus subject to remuneration, in order to establish a simplified remuneration mechanism between the deficits in consumption and all surpluses for the associated generation installations.

The contract for the remuneration of surpluses in the case of shared self-consumption will use the criteria for distribution. This will not need to be submitted in the case of shared consumption without surpluses, the marketer will simply need a distribution agreement.


Allocation agreement and file of allocation coefficients

If you are part of a collective self-consumption system, all participating consumers who are associated with the same generation installation must belong to the same self-consumption mode and agree on the system for sharing the energy produced by the self-consumption installation. All of the above will be reflected in two documents:

  • Distribution agreement: signed by all consumer partners.
  • File of distribution coefficients: there is the possibility that the distribution of generation is made according to coefficients that can be static (fixed throughout the year) or dynamic (variable at each hour of the year). For more information on how to submit the file, please consult TED Order 1247/2019.

As an associated consumer, you will have to contact the supply company and send both documents, in addition to the CIE of the installation, so that it can proceed to adapt your supply contract. 

A model of this agreement may be found in the IDEA Guide to Self-Consumption.


Documentation necessary for self-consumption by Autonomous Region.

There are minor differences in the documentary requirements for applying for electricity self-consumption depending on the region where you want to install the system:


Documentary requirements by location

Autonomous Community

Installation requirements


No documentation on individual self-consumption.

Balearic Islands

Generation CIE and Proof of Registration in the Self-consumption Register

Aragon, Canary Islands, Andalusia and Extremadura

Stamped Generation CIE

Other Autonomous Communities

Generation CIE

Wherever you live, we will manage all the paperwork and documentation for you. Start enjoying electricity self-consumption to help the environment and save on your electricity bill:

I have submitted the documents in my Autonomous Community. Do I have to send them to Endesa, too?

Yes, but there is a way to avoid doing it all again and forget all about it. Just leave the formalities to us by using our Comprehensive Solution and we will take care of everything.


I have received the documentation, what do I do now?

You have to register your self-consumption installation. To do this, send us the necessary documentation and sign up for Simply Solar

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