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Our commitment to sustainable development, an essential part of our activity

Our commitment to sustainable development, an essential part of our activity

We are committed to advancing energy transition towards a carbon-free economy through the responsible management of our economic, social and environmental affairs

We work to be a more approachable, open company that is committed to a sustainable energy future

At Endesa we are aware of the growing challenges faced by our planet. Therefore, our goal is to provide our customers with a quality service responsibly and efficiently, promote a culture of ethics and compliance, bring value to the social settings in which we operate and use natural resources sustainably.

Sustainability Report 2019

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Our plan

We make sustainability an integral part of our business management and decision making processes.

We contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals present a historic opportunity for overcoming challenges such as the fight against climate change, the eradication of poverty and economic and social progress.

At Endesa, as in the rest of the Enel Group, we contribute to these objectives through our commitment to local communities, climate action and a strong emphasis on innovation to bring about sustainable cities and communities.

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A visible commitment

Discover the initiatives that we promote in different fields to meet our commitment to sustainable development.
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We promote digitalisation in all areas of our activities as a key driver for improving efficiency.


Sustainable development is an essential pillar of our strategy and environmental protection one of our most important commitments.

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Commitment to the development of local communities, creating shared value.

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Compliance with tax legislation is one of the principles that drive our corporate responsibility.

Our projects