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Endesa COVID-19 Plan

Endesa's plan for the health emergency

Our Covid-19 action plan includes measures to help to fight the spread of the virus, ensure the supply of energy and provide help to our customers.

In the unprecedented health crisis that we are experiencing due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, at Endesa we are continuing to work to ensure the quality of the energy supply, give help to our customers and take care of our employees. In addition, we have launched an action plan to help to fight the virus, which includes direct aid for the purchase of materials, special supply conditions and donations to alleviate the main healthcare and social needs caused by this health emergency.


We have launched a Covid-19 action plan

The aid plan that we have launched is endowed with 25 million euros and, in the first phase, is aimed at alleviating the most immediate, urgent needs:

  • The donation of materials and services: protective equipment for healthcare personnel, respirators, tests, medicines, etc.
  • Special energy supply conditions for retirement homes, hospitals and medicalised hotels.
  • Financial donations to institutions, organisations and health centres to help cover previously identified, particularly acute basic needs


We are giving help to our customers

The action plan joins the initiatives that have been in place since the start of the state of alarm:

1.     We will not cut off electricity supplies: during the state of alarm, we will not cut off the gas and electricity supplies for our residential customers. To avoid unnecessary travel and physical contact, we recommend using direct debit to pay your bills. You can also do it using online banking, with the endesaclientes mobile app, over the phone with your bank card, or by clicking on this link

2.     Emergency Provision of Services: we will provide qualified technical personnel necessary to deal with emergency repairs of electricity, electrical appliances, gas and equipment (boilers, water heaters, etc.). We will deal with faults affecting essential electricity and gas supplies to companies (residents’ associations, boiler rooms, hospitals, public services and transformer substations). Here are the phone numbers you can call.

3.     Changes in Customer Service: in this exceptional situation, we have temporarily stopped providing in-person customer services at our offices as of 16 March, for the duration of the state of alarm. We recommend you manage your account online or over the phone:

By calling the free telephone number 800 76 09 09, available 24h a day, every day.
*If you are a company, please call +34 800 760 266.

We encourage you to register in the Endesa Customer Area or download the endesaclientes app which you can use at any time and from anywhere. You can also easily activate digital billing to receive all the information about your consumption in your email inbox. 

4.     Up-to-date information: We will keep you up-to-date with any issues related to our energy service at www.endesa.com.


Preventing infection among our employees and contractors

  • We have authorised teleworking for the staff at all locations in the territories in which we operate.
  • We have also put the necessary measures in place to safeguard those who must go into work.

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