Endesa's plan for combating the COVID-19 health crisis

Our global COVID-19 action plan includes measures for contributing towards the fight against the spread of the virus, ensuring energy supply and providing assistance to our customers.

Throughout  the unprecedented health crisis we have been experiencing due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, our team has continued working, committed to quality, ensuring energy supply, helping our customers and taking care of our employees.

The implementation of the action plan designed to contribute towards the fight against the virus, has included direct aid for the purchase of materials, special supply conditions and donations aimed at alleviating the main healthcare and social needs caused by the health emergency.


We have launched a COVID-19 action plan

The aid plan we launched had a budget of €25 million and, in the first phase, was aimed at alleviating the most immediate and urgent needs:

  • The donation of materials and services: protective equipment for healthcare personnel, respirators, tests, medicines, etc.
  • Special energy supply conditions for retirement homes, hospitals and hotels converted into temporary healthcare centres.
  • Financial donations to institutions, organisations and health centres to help cover previously identified basic urgent needs.


Always looking for ways to help our customers

The action plan was added to the initiatives that, from the beginning of the state of emergency, we implemented to help you as a customer.

1.      Not cutting off electricity supplies: during the state of emergency, no electricity and gas supplies to our residential customers were cut off. To avoid travel and physical contact, we provided you with information on how to use direct debit when paying your bills. We also provided information on how to do this using your bank's website, the endesaclientes mobile app, over the phone with your bank card, or by clicking on  this link.

2.      Dealing with urgent repairs: we put at your disposal the required and appropriate technical teams to attend to urgent repairs with respect to electricity supply, household appliances, gas and equipment (boilers, immersion heaters, etc.). We also dealt with faults affecting essential electricity and gas supplies to companies (residents’ associations, boiler rooms, hospitals, public services and transformer substations). In addition, we offered a 100% discount on all our maintenance and repair services for 3 months for new registrations.

3.      Facilities for SMEs and the self-employed: the possibility of postponing the payment of your bills, reducing power for free and temporarily suspending the supply of energy at no cost were the main initiatives we launched to help you as an SME or a self-employed worker. There now follows a detailed explanation of the help available for self-employed workers and SMEs in response to COVID-19, which was in force during the pandemic.

4.      Changes in the Customer Service Department: due to the current exceptional circumstances, we temporarily suspended face-to-face assistance on 16 March. Face-to-face assistance was resumed on 11 May, when the service was reopened.

We improved the channels you could use to carry out any administrative routines, and thus, during the pandemic, you were able to manage your procedures through the:

Free telephone (24 hours, every day, individuals and companies).

Previous appointment at your nearest Endesa office.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to register in the Endesa Customer Area or download the endesaclientes app to carry out procedures at any time and from anywhere. You can also easily activate your digital invoice and thus receive all the information about your consumption directly in your email account. 

5.      Up-to-date information: we kept you informed of all the important issues related to your energy and the situation regarding COVID. Our website, www.endesa.com, was a channel which was continually updated, a living source of information for our customers.

Endesa has products that could help you optimise your energy consumption during any exceptional situation, such as the one we have just experienced. Find the most suitable one for you or discover more on this page.


We have adopted health and safety measures to protect our employees

  • We introduced teleworking for staff at all workplaces in the areas in which we operate.
  • We have also put the necessary measures in place to guarantee the safety of workers who have to go into work, as well as a safe and progressive reincorporation plan for our team.
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