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Endesa creates a 25 million fund and activates a plan to provide material, services, equipment and infrastructure in the fight against COVID-19

  • The endowment of the fund is 25 million euros.
  • The plan will allow injecting direct aid in material and donations.
  • Endesa has purchased respirators for the ICU and 2 million masks worth 10 million euros, which it will make available to the health authorities.
  • Endesa makes its infrastructures, materials and equipment available to the Government and Autonomous Communities to help in areas with the most needs.
  • The initiative joins those already carried out, such as avoiding supply cuts to customers in the residential sector due to defaults or making conditions more flexible for SMEs, the self-employed and families in need.

Given the unprecedented health emergency in Spain derived from the global pandemic generated by Covid-19, Endesa, within its commitment to society, has designed a Public Responsibility Plan, endowed with 25 million euros, for direct aid to the purchase of material, special supply conditions and donations to alleviate the main health and social needs caused by the health crisis.

In a first phase, the Action Plan is aimed at immediate and most urgent aid, around 3 axes:

1. Donation of materials and services. Endesa will make available to this plan its logistical and purchasing capacity, both nationally and internationally, as well as qualified personnel and the necessary means for the provision of:

  • Protective equipment for health or public service personnel (gowns, masks and other Personal Protective Equipment –EPIs-)
  • Instruments to assist hospitalized patients (respirators, tests, drugs, etc.).

2. Special conditions of energy supply to Residences / Hospitals / Medicalized Hotels. Endesa makes its capacity as an energy provider for sanitary facilities available to the public service.

  •  Equipment and personnel to guarantee the electrical supply in field hospitals and medicalized hotels (generators, increased power, resolution of faults, etc.).
  •  Free supply during the state of alarm to the medicalized hotels that are clients of Endesa.

3. Financial donations to institutions, organizations and health centers that help cover basic needs of special gravity previously identified. 


ICU respirators and masks

In this sense, it has purchased respirators for the ICU and 2 million masks for a value of 10 million euros that it will make available to the competent health authorities.

The company will provide support to public service teams (local police, EMU, civil protection, others) through materials, vehicles and services that may be required to address this epidemiological emergency.

According to the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas , “we are experiencing a very serious health, economic and social situation, unprecedented in recent history. That is why at Endesa we have designed an action plan with those actions in which we will be most useful and in which, without a doubt, we will be able to fulfill what we promise to our clients and to all citizens. ”

This Endesa Action Plan is in line with the action announced last Monday, March 23 by Enel for Italy through the Enel Cuore Foundation (foundation of the Enel group, to which Endesa belongs).


Actions already underway

The initiative joins those that the company has already been doing these days, avoiding cuts in residential sector customers due to non-payment, making conditions more flexible for SMEs, the self-employed and families in need, offering telematic alternatives so that nobody has to leave home to interact with Endesa, analyzing case-by-case requests from client companies, ensuring immediate payments to providers of service and sales channels, and donations from their headquarters to hospitals in areas where it has infrastructure.

Endesa has also strengthened the operation of its distribution control and energy control centers and generation plants to ensure electricity supply in the territories in which it operates (Aragón, Andalucía and part of Extremadura, Baleares, Canarias, Cataluña, Galicia and Castilla y León). It has also doubled its renewable generation control center, located in Madrid, with a mirror center in Santiago de Compostela.

Once the health problem, which is now the most pressing, has been overcome, Endesa considers other measures aimed at alleviating the effects that the economic crisis will have on the most vulnerable customers.


Fundación Endesa

Endesa, through its Foundation, is already focused on helping the most vulnerable groups with which it collaborates and alleviating the effects of the crisis on those most in need. Thus, in collaboration with organizations and partners of the Foundation, Endesa will help Cáritas with 100,000 euros, the SAFA Foundation in Andalusia with 270,000 euros for families, the Integra Foundation with 45,000 euros and, within the Retotech program, printers will be used donated to educational centers to make protective visors for toilets and aid corps.

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