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Endesa Clients Application

With our application you always have all the information relating to your contracts at your fingertips.

Endesa Customers App

Where you want, when you want

Endesa Customers is the free, fast and easy to use App available to you, so you can manage your electricity and gas contracts, check your bills from anywhere, enter your meter readings and check out our exclusive offers.

You will also be able to access our contact channels and locate your nearest Offices and Service Points

What can I do with the Endesa Customers app?

Monitor your hourly consumption

(Smart meters)

Fingerprint access control system

 Manage your electricity and gas contracts and check your bills. 

Submit your real meter readings immediately

Pay your outstanding bills from your mobile device

Submit any queries you may have via our official Customer Service channel

Receive notifications regarding new bills and consumption alerts

Receive our latest exclusive offers and promotions

New section Home App

New "home" section offering all the information you may need

By means of personalised sheets, we outline the following information: Your accumulated consumption since your last bill (also indicating if you are consuming more than last year during this period), the last bill issued and the progress of your bills this year.

Edit your contract details

From My Contracts, you can easily modify the details related to the contract holder, payment, address, and the contracted power and rate. In addition, from My Contracts, you can view the list of bills for the current year associated with each contract. We show the date, the amount, invoice number and status. You can also check invoices from previous years.


Find offices and service points near you

Through the Endesa Customers app you can comfortably locate the Offices and Service Points closest to you. Moreover, with the application, you will find the different contact channels available, to help you solve all your queries. You can contact us via Twitter, email, phone and WhatsApp instant messaging service.

Watch the progression of your consumption

Watch the progression of your consumption

The Endesa Customers app provides all your contracts and bills along with a consumption evolution graph, where you see at a glance the yearly evolution of your expenses, for the current year and for previous years.

Also available for iPad and Android tablets

With the Endesa Customers application you can contact us with ease via Twitter, e-mail, contact forms or telephone, to solve all your queries.

Also available for iPad and Android tablets

Download our app for:

Our best comments


“It’s really convenient to access my bills by mobile phone.”



A success. Very good, useful, simple, easy to use, the best in the sector.



It is practical and tends to work properly.


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