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AENOR certified Endesa service letter

Endesa: certified by Aenor for its proactive telephone sales services of the Telemarketing area (CAT Outbound)

The Spanish Standards and Certification Association (AENOR in its Spanish acronym) is a private non-profit organisation, created in 1986 to improve the quality, and thereby, the confidence in businesses and their products and services.

Thanks to our rigorous code of conduct, which makes us stand out from other energy companies, and to our on-going quality commitment to our customers, at Endesa we can today say with pride that we are the first energy company to obtain a Citizen Charter related to sales processes, certified by Aenor.

Endesa's Residential and Business Telemarketing Service has four points, now guaranteed by Aenor, to achieve excellent and outstanding quality in the customer sales outreach process.

The Citizen Charter approval date: January 28, 2011. Last updated november 2022. To be reviewed every 2 years.

Our commitments and our objectives

Indicators Commitments Goals
Quality of Information We inform in a way that is comprehensive, understandable and truthful. Obtain a monthly value of 80% of customers who are satisfied or very satisfied with the clarity of the explanations given during the sales process.
Confidence Conveyed We maintain a respectful sales attitude and transmit confidence to our customers. Obtain a monthly value of 80% of customers who are satisfied or very satisfied with the friendliness and politeness of our sales staff.
Satisfied Customers We ensure continual improvement in each step of the sales process. Obtain a monthly value of 80% of customers who are satisfied with the contract entered into.
Convinced Customers We check customers' knowledge and agreement with what they're signing up for. Verify in 100% of cases that the customer is aware of what they are contracting.

Code of Conduct

Proud of our rigorous code of conduct.

Endesa has a code of conduct for sales consultants and Customer Service by Phone, based on the following components:

  • Endesa makes sure that sales activity complies with in-force legislation.
  • Identification of consultants: sales consultants must provide prior identification and must identify the number of the caller.
  • Reasonable schedule: Endesa makes calls during reasonable hours, respecting rest times. From 9:00 to 21:00 Spanish time, except for returning calls, arranged appointments.
  • Protection of minors: when the sales consultant has reason to believe that the person speaking is a minor, they must refrain from continuing with the sale
  • Misleading information: in the name of Endesa, the sales consultants will evaluate customers based on their profession knowledge, and will refrain from making use of information that is misleading, fraudulent or dishonest.
  • Respect for those not interested in commercial soliciting: Endesa will always honour requests to opt out of further promotional contact.


Contact Information
Customer service, suggestions and complaints channels:

Through My Endesa: at our Online Office you can carry out the main transactions related to your electricity and gas contracts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sign up today at My Endesa and start enjoying the advantages.

Telephone service: every day of the year and at any time of day, you can request the information you want or carry out the procedure you need. It's that simple and effective: 800 76 09 09.

Service Points and Sales Offices: use our service points and sales offices search engine to find the nearest one. There are more than 400 service points throughout the territory.

Ways for customers to participate: satisfaction surveys, claims and suggestions. By email to endesa@universiateleventa.com.

Rights, Obligations and Applicable Legislation:

Our commitments and objectives

Indicator Objective 2021 1st Quarter 2022 2nd Quarter 2022 3rd Quarter 2022 4th Quarter 2022
Overall Satisfaction ≥ 80% 89,5% 88,4% 86,3% 84,2%
Appearance and Education ≥ 80% 87% 85,9% 83,9% 82,2%
Quality of Information ≥ 80% 91,5% 91,3% 90,1% 88,9%
Contract Validation 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

(*) Corrective action will be taken for those indicators that are below the objective.

Complaints 2021 1st Quarter 2022 2nd Quarter 2022 3rd Quarter 2022 4th Quarter 2022
% Resolution within 30 days of complaints relating to services included in the Letter of Services. 94% 97% 94% 85%

(*) Complaints are not included in the commitment associated with the letter of services.

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