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Sustainability Management and Governance System

Sustainability Management and Governance System

Our commitment to sustainability remains firm in all decision-making processes and in the performance of our daily activity.

In order to guarantee this, we have a sustainability management and governance system that involves all areas of the company.

Please refer to this model below:

 Graphic about the Governance System Model and Sustainability Management. Composition-> 2 Executive directors, 4 Proprietary directors, 5 Independent directors, 6 Directors (1 proprietary and 5 independent), Chief Executive, 12 Chief Executive Officers, General Manager sustainability, Sustainability managers and experts, Territorial directors, Corporate areas and areas of business. Functions -> Passing of the sustainability policy and plan, Review, supervision and evaluation of sutainability management, Desing, development and execution of the sutainability strategy

Sustainability Management and Governance System Model


  • Board of Directors:

    • Functions: Passing of the sustainability policy and plan
    • Composition:
      • 2 Executive Directors
      • 4 Proprietary Directors
      • 5 Independent Directors
  • Auditing and compliance committee:

    • Functions: Review, supervision and evaluation of sustainability management
    • Composition: 6 Directors (1 propietary y 5 independent)
  • Executive management committee:

    • Functions: Design, development and execution of the sustainability strategy
    • Composition:
      • Chief Executive Officers
      • 12 Directors-general
  • Sustainability Directorate-General:

    • Functions: Coordination, furtherance and awareness
    • Composition:
      • General Manager Sustainability
      • Sustainability managers and experts
  • Territorial Sustainability Committees and sustainability workgroup:

    • Functions: Functional and territorial deployment of the strategy
    • Composition:
      • Territorial Directors
      • Corporate areas and areas of business
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