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Sustainability policy

Sustainability policy

At Endesa we understand sustainability to be an essential part of our activity. Our aim is to provide our customers with a quality service in a responsible and efficient manner, providing returns for our shareholders, fostering a culture of ethics and compliance and encouraging the professional development of employees, aiding the development of the social environments in which we operate and using the natural resources required for our activity in a sustainable manner.

With the aim of leading the energy transformation process and successfully addressing future challenges, we updated our Sustainability Policy in 2015 in order to strengthen our firm and honest commitment to sustainable development.

The future commitments included in the policy will guide our behaviour in our daily work and compliance therewith has been expressly encouraged by senior management and applies to all those that work in the company, including contractors and suppliers.

Documents to download

Sustainability Policy

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Our future commitments

Our behaviour

Commitment to good governance, transparency and ethical behaviour.

Our shareholders

Commitment to value creation and profitability.

Our customers

Commitment to digital quality, commercial excellence and energy efficiency in consumption.

Our people

Commitment to personal and professional development, diversity and conciliation, occupational safety and health. 

Our employees

Commitment to the active involvement of employees in sustainability. 


Commitment to the socio-economic development of the communities in which we operate.


Commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and protecting the environment.


Commitment to technological innovation and the scope of services.


Commitment to the development of public-private partnerships to promote sustainable development.

Our projects about sustainability policy

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