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Circular economy: innovation and sustainable growth

At Endesa, we are committed to the circular economy as a way to achieve a new sustainable economic model for preserving available resources while creating economic prosperity.

We think "circular"

The circular economy is a new economic model that makes more efficient use of resources, reducing our consumption and putting reusable resources from waste back into the production process. The objective is to achieve economic development in ways that combine competitiveness and sustainability through innovation. At Endesa, we have made the circular concept part of our culture and all our activities, from the construction of new renewable plants to our relationship with our customers.

The pillars of the circular economy

Our vision for the circular economy is integrated throughout the value chain with a new approach based on the use of sustainable resources (renewable, reusable and recyclable), optimising the useful life of goods and products and finding new uses for assets at the end of their life cycle. This vision is made up of five pillars:

Circular inputs

Use of renewable sources and reused or recycled material resources from the same or another economic sector

Useful life extension

Extend the life of assets and products by working on their design, making them repairable and facilitating effective maintenance.

Products as a service

A new business model whereby users subscribe to a service rather than purchasing a product, which improves product quality, maintenance and waste management. 

Platforms for sharing

Digital applications to share assets, increasing the utilisation factor of goods and products.

New life cycles

This closes the circle for our vision of the five pillars, by proposing solutions that conserve assets and product value when they reach the end of their life by using them in new cycles through reuse, regeneration or recycling.

Our projects

Projects to boost the circular economy

We have submitted a letter of interest to the Ministry of Ecological Transition to develop up to 17 projects in Spain that promote the circular economy and have an associated investment volume of around 3,600 million euros. With these initiatives we want to lead the change of economic model towards the circular economy.

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Electric vehicle batteries that can light up a city

The energy storage system at our Melilla coal-fired power plant is an award-winning project on account of its contribution to the circular economy, based on the reuse of batteries from electric vehicles to guarantee the electricity supply for the entire city.

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A new life for coal plant equipment

We are applying the circular economy to the process of closing and dismantling our coal plants to prioritise the search for a second life for the equipment and materials and to reduce waste generation as much as possible.

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Solar panels and crops that share the same area

“Agrivoltaica” is a circular economy initiative which generates value that is shared with the community, allowing it to recover land used in the construction of solar plants for agricultural use, which encourages sustainable development in these local communities.

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Sharing resources to build the energy of the future

The CoordiNet project brings together European electricity carriers, distributors and consumers to design together the foundations of a more open, participatory and secure power system and take the first steps towards a unified European energy platform.

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More circular economy projects

Building a circular culture

At Endesa we are incorporating the principles of the circular economy in two ways: cultural change within the company and collaboration with other companies, institutions and public bodies.
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Circular ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem with other agents, both public and private, to make an active contribution to the development of a new economic model in the Iberian market.

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Circularity from within

We integrate the principles of the circular economy into all our activities through business-related projects that simultaneously promote a change in culture in the daily lives of our employees. 

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