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We are continuing to progress towards electrification

We are promoting active customer management with innovative products and services, the development of efficient networks and the presentation of new products.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Enabling infrastructures

The quality and safety of the electricity supply as a priority

In 2020, the number of customers with access contracts to our distribution networks reached 12.3 million. To ensure the correct supply of energy to our customers, the infrastructures in our distribution network are planned and operated in such a way that they continuously adapt to the capacity demanded by existing customers, network expansions requested by new customers, and correct attention to regulatory and legal actions and those subject to agreements.

Continuity of supply in Spain is measured through Interruption Time indicators. 2020. In 2020 developments were more favourable that in 2019 mainly due to the greater resilience of the network and a lower impact by the climate. 

Continuity of supply
Improvement in continuity of supply in 2020 (59.6 was the target set for 2020)
Renewable connections
New connections for renewable producers in 2020 (608 was the target set for 2020)
Renewable power
Power of new connections for renewable producers (380 was the target set for 2020)

Our energy solutions

In the midst of the energy sector revolution, our business is geared to responding to the needs of society with an outlook based on decarbonisation, electrification and digitalisation. In this regard, we have been keeping ahead of ourselves with the development of innovative products and solutions in fields where energy makes the greatest transformations possible. Through Endesa X, our activity is organised to include the following lines of action:

E-City: Addresses technological alignment driven by digitalisation that leads to the creation of cities equipped with smart systems and equipment that are more energy efficient and able to ensure more sustainable, economic and customised services.

E-Industries: Seeks to promote consumer energy transition, enabling them to make more efficient use of energy, save costs and monetise their flexibility through innovative and sustainable solutions.

E-home: Aims to offer products to improve energy efficiency. We aim to provide our clients with home management services so as to create a sustainable ecosystem accessible to everyone.

E-mobility: The installation of charging stations will accompany the growth of the electric vehicle market in Spain, driving the transition of public and private transport to electrification.

Our ecosystems and platforms

We are making significant growth investments aimed at modernising and developing new infrastructures that respond to current trends in decarbonisation and electrification. In 2020, we invested 314.4 million euros in business digitalisation. 

Client digitalisation
million digital contracts (the target set for 2020 was 4.8)
Electronic invoicing
million contracts with e-invoicing (the target set for 2020 was 4.10)
Virtual assistant in Customer Service via CAT
% of interactions addressed by the virtual assistant (the target set for 2020 was 6%)

Digitalising our assets

In the generation installations there are two major digitalisation programmes underway, Digiworld: Covering the Operation and Maintenance processes, both in thermal and renewable power stations, and another covering the engineering and construction processes: E&C Revolution 2.0.

As regards digitalisation in the distribution network, the objective of our Tele-management Project was to implement an automatic and remote control and management system for the supply of power to domestic clients. In 2020 we made a total of 141,910 replacements.

Client digitalisation

Consumers' access to new technologies, their adoption and mass use, has completely transformed the client. The milestones reached feature the following:

  • The launch of Única: A personalised fixed quota service individually tailored to each customer's consumption. As part of our commitment to progressing in sustainable development, this is the first green tariff that uses 100% sustainable energies.
  • Participation in the MUDA project: With the aim of incentivising and enabling Portuguese consumers to contract digital services such as digital invoicing.
  • CallBack: A new channel that enables an increase in customer satisfaction through interaction and helps avoid them abandoning their query when the Contact Centre is very busy.
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Inclusion of local communities

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