We promote the transition to an emission-free energy model

Decarbonisation of the energy mix and commitment to energy from renewable sources are the two pillars of our contribution to the fight against climate change.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 13: Climate action
SDG 7: Affordable clean energy

At Endesa, we are well aware of the challenge that our planet faces if we are to stop global warming. That is why we are committed to a sustainable business model that includes the fight against climate change as a priority in creating long-term value.

To promote the transition towards a zero-emissions energy model, we are promoting the decarbonisation of our power generation systems and, we also contribute to the decarbonisation of other sectors through the electrification of energy demand.

In our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, we have reinforced this commitment to decarbonisation with increased investment in renewable energy, digitalisation of the power grid, and electrification of residential demand and that of sectors such as industry and transport. Our renewable fleet will grow 50% by 2023 compared to 2020, meaning that 89% of our mainland output will be free from CO₂ emissions by the end of 2023.


Implementation of renewable projects

Looking ahead to 2030, we are sticking to an ambitious investment plan that will make it possible for 80% of all our electricity production to be free from CO₂ emissions by the end of the decade. The path towards decarbonisation has therefore been sped up compared to the previous plan, which predicted that 140 g CO2 would be emitted per kWh of electricity produced in 2030. That threshold has now been reduced to 95 gCO2/kWh – 80% less than in 2017. 

Roadmap to decarbonisation in 2050

Specific CO₂ emissions (g/kWh)
Specific CO₂ emissions (g/kWh)
Emission-free production
Emission-free production
Decarbonisation targets to 2050


Specific CO₂ emissions (g/kWh)

2005: 538 g/kWh

2017: 439 g/kWh

2019: 282 g/kWh

2020: <290 g/kWh

2030. <140 g/kWh

2050: 0

Emission-free production

2005: 36%

2017: 44%

2019: 59%

2020: 60%

2030: 75%

2050: 100%

We also expect to have completely ceased all coal generation operations, both inside and outside the Spanish mainland, by 2027. Currently, almost 70% of our net production is emission-free and we already have 7.7 GW of renewable installed capacity.  

Emission-free generation
% net zero-emissions production (estimated at the end of 2020)
Renewable power
GW of renewable installed capacity (estimated at the end of 2020)

Electrification of demand

In terms of the electrification of demand, in our Strategic Plan, we set out to ramp up the efforts that we have been making for years. Endesa X, our subsidiary set up to decarbonise energy uses in homes, companies, industries and public administrations, in playing a key role in this objective.

Endesa X, a leader in Spain's network of electric vehicle charging points, plans to have installed 56,000 public and private charging points by the end of 2023, adding to the 8,000 already existing at the end of 2020. Electrification of demand through Endesa X will get a strong impetus with the expected 42% increase in advanced home service contracts (E-home contracts) to 2.7 million. 


A fair energy transition

As we work to promote the change in the energy model, we are committed to contributing to ensure that the transition to an emission-free economy is fair, and we are working to mitigate the economic, environmental and social consequences that these changes may have. That is the objective of the Futur-e plans that we are promoting in the vicinities of the thermal power plants that are in the closing-down phase.


We participate in the CDP Climate Change

Since 2006, we have participated in the CDP Climate Change initiative, the most prestigious climate change index, which provides global information on the management of the risks and opportunities identified by the largest companies worldwide.

In the last edition, we achieved the highest score, "A", at "Leadership". This excellent result is a reflection of our strong commitment to the fight against climate change. The recognition was given on the strength of the integration of climate change into business strategy, transparency when communicating it and the relationship with the value chain as refers to climate change.

Also, we adopt best practices for emissions management and set ambitious short- and long-term emission reduction targets, assessing their progress and implementing effective reduction actions.


Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint calculation is an instrument to create a detailed inventory of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by a company.

At Endesa, we have calculated and verified the carbon footprint voluntarily since 2009. This indicator allows us to design the main climate strategies and set emission reduction targets.

In 2020, we confirmed our 2019 carbon footprint and recorded it with the Spanish Office of Climate Change. This body has recognised our effort in reducing carbon footprint with the triple seal (I calculate, reduce, offset). We are the first company in the Spanish energy sector to renew these three Carbon Footprint register seals for the third consecutive year.

Endesa´s Huella de carbono - 2019 Inform

PDF (69.46MB) Download
sello huella carbono 2019

In 2021 we have our 2020 carbon footprint verified and its recordation with the Spanish Office of Climate Change in progress.

AENOR Verification Statement of the GHG emissions inventory - ISO 14064 (Spanish version)

PDF (0.26MB) Download

Our projects about low carbon growth

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