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We are committed to investing in projects that are based on renewable energies

Clean energy and sustainable construction

We are committed to investing in projects that are based on renewable energies

Our strategic plan contains a commitment to achieving a 100% carbon-free economy by 2050, in line with the European targets.

At Endesa, we are committed to investing in projects based on renewable energies that ensure the supply of energy and protection of the environment.

In our strategic plan, we reflect on the commitment to achieve a 100% decarbonised economy by 2050, in line with our European objectives to fight against climate change. Producing clean energy based on renewable sources represents only the first step in our method of advancing toward a new sustainable model.


Enel Green Power Spain

The development and management of renewable energies that we carry out in our country is done through Enel Green Power Spain (EGPE), Endesa's renewable energies affiliate. This company is exclusively dedicated to producing electricity generated based on renewable sources and currently has the consolidated installed capacity of 1,675 MW.

EGPE is constructing solar facilities with 339 MW of power and wind facilities with 540 MW of power that were awarded to the company in the last two tenders in Spain, which entails a total investment of more than 800 million euros by 2020. Once the solar and wind projects with an overall power of 879 MW are finished, the power of the current EGPE portfolio will increase by 52.4%.


A sustainable model

In our projects, we always work according to the three aspects of sustainability:

  • Environment: we are concerned with protecting the environment in the various stages of the process of development, construction and management of plants, applying the principles of the circular economy to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Society: we are listening to our stakeholders in order to emphasize what it is relevant for both parties, and to anticipate the needs and possible conflicts with long-term foresight.
  • Management: The management model that we are striving for is inspired by the best international practises and implies adopting tools aligned with the requirements of the main sustainability indexes.

Create shared value for our local communities

Enel Green Power España, Endesa’s renewable division, has an ambitious plan to build new renewable power plants in Spain. More than 20 wind and solar parks will be commissioned in 2019.
MW of wind power (power awarded by auction; and other projects under construction)
MW of photovoltaic solar power (power awarded by auction; and projects under construction)
More than
new wind turbines
More than
football pitches in area will be covered by photovoltaic equipment
Reduce CO₂
million tons of CO₂ avoided per year, equivalent to the emissions of 387,000 diesel cars on the road each year
Renewable Energy
TWh (2,515 GWh) of renewable energy generated per annum, equivalent to the consumption of 637,000 families
Map of Enel Green Power España wind and solar parks scheduled for construction in 2019.
Map of Enel Green Power España wind and solar parks scheduled for construction in 2019.

Actions in the municipalities around farms

All these projects have SVC plans, which contain social, environmental and energy efficiency measures for the surrounding municipalities. By taking a Shared Value Creation (SVC) approach, Enel Green Power España makes the priorities and needs of the local communities a part of its business strategy.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 4: Quality education
SDG 7: Affordable, clean energy
SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth
SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
SDG 13: Climate action

recipients of 12 training courses on renewable energy and the operation of solar/wind farms, and 2 on solar panel assembly
energy audits in public buildings
efficient lighting projects
energy efficiency projects (photovoltaic pumps, improvements to electrical installations, etc.)
projects for the economic development of communities and the environment (signposting trails, upgrading green areas, etc.)
actions to restore assets of particular importance to the municipality

Sustainable building measures

  • 01.

    Photovoltaic installations in sheds for own consumption and rainwater collection tanks, which will be donated to the community after the completion of the work (recognised as a CLIMA 2018 project by MITECO) .

  • 02.

    Efficient lighting.

  • 03.

    Waste separation.

  • 04.

    Electric vehicles for the engineering team (recognised as a CLIMA 2018 project by MITECO) .

Economic figures

million euros of total investment in construction
Shared value
euros of investment in actions to create shared value in communities

More renewable generation initiatives

In parallel with investment in the infrastructures necessary for generating renewable energy, at Endesa, we are committed to projects that contribute to making the model of sustainable innovation that we are aspiring to reach in the future, reality.

One of these projects is El Hierro 100% Renewable, a plan in which Endesa, El Hierro Chapter, the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands, and the Government of the Canary Islands collaborate to supply sustainable energy (combined wind and hydrological) to the total demand on the island, considering the Reserve of the Biosphere and Geopark and where around 10,600 residents live. The 20-year objective is to reduce 6,000 tonnes of diesel and 19,000 tonnes of CO2.

We also have agreements with institutions, companies and local organisations to provide 100% renewable energy for their activity. This is the case for the Town Hall of Madrid and its Autonomous Bodies and the Gran Canaria Chapter, which has had energy supplied from renewable sources in its municipal buildings and equipment since 2017.

See the renewable generation map on the Enel Green Power website.

Our projects about clean energy and sustainable construction

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