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Environmental management

We make sustainable use of natural resources

At Endesa we carry out our activities in an environmentally friendly way and we are committed to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

of generation and distribution ISO 14001 certified
reduction in specific SO₂ emissions compared to 2005
reduction in footprint value compared to 2018

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 12: Responsible production and consumption

SDG 13: Climate action

At Endesa we consider environmental excellence to be an essential value in our business culture. We engage in our activities with respect for the environment, in line with the principles of sustainable development, and we are firmly committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the resources that we use.

This commitment also extends to our suppliers, who are required to implement environmental policies based on these same principles, covering all the processes in the value chain (supply of raw materials, manufacturing processes, logistics, etc.).


Certification of environmental management systems

The assessment of the environmental risks associated with the company’s activities and the environmental certificates granted by external bodies help to ensure the excellence of our environmental management, which is integrated into and aligned with our corporate strategy.

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100% of electricity generation (thermal, hydraulic, wind and solar) is certified by ISO 14001 and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (“EMAS”).

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The management of the marketing of energy-related products and services and the marketing of gas and electricity using personalised management are ISO 14001 certified. 

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Electricity distribution activity is 100% ISO 14001 certified.

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Port facilities

00% certified by ISO 14001 and the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (“EMAS”).

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Headquarters and offices

The company’s headquarters and main buildings are SIGAEC triple certified: Environmental management (ISO 14001), Energy efficiency management (ISO 50001) and indoor environmental quality management (UNE 171330-3).

We define the policies that establish our commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources in compliance with the requirements of the ISO standards:

ENDESA’s environmental policy

PDF (0.24MB) Download

Environmental Policy of e-distribución (Spanish version)

PDF (0.93MB) Download

Quality and Environmental Policy of Port Terminals (Spanish version)

PDF (0.27MB) Download

Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Energy Efficiency Policy of Endesa Generación

PDF (0.69MB) Download

We deliver excellence in environmental management through our certifications:

Certificado ISO 14001 de e-distribución

PDF (1.24MB) Descargar

Certificado ISO 14001 - Endesa Generación térmica

PDF (5.39MB) Descargar

Certificado Multisite ISO 14001 Terminales Portuarias

PDF (0.2MB) Descargar

Certificado ISO 14001 de Enel Green Power

PDF (2.87MB) Descargar

Certificado ISO 50001 - Servicios Iberia

PDF (0.79MB) Descargar

Certificado ISO 14001 - Servicios Iberia

PDF (0.34MB) Descargar

Certificado UNE_171330 - Servicios Iberia

PDF (0.24MB) Descargar

We communicate our environmental statements to all interested parties:

Environmental objectives

Decarbonising the energy mix and minimising the environmental impact of our activities are two of the main areas in which we are working to promote a sustainable business model and reduce our direct environmental footprint by 22% by 2022 (vs. 2019). The following graph summarises our environmental objectives for the coming years:


o  Specific CO₂ emissions (g/kWh): -61%

2017: 439

2022: 172

o CO₂ reduction, fleet (by 2022 compared to 2019): -32%

o CO₂ reduction, buildings (by 2022 compared to 2019): -6%

Air quality

o   Specific CO₂ emissions (g/kWh): -46%

2019: 0.43

2022: 0.23

o Specific NOx emissions (g/kWh) on plant busbars: -17%

2019: 0.94

2022: 0.78

o    Specific particle emissions (g/kWh): -50%

2019: 0.02

2022: 0.01

Water consumption

o    Reduction of water consumption (m3/MWh): -8%

2019: 0.37

2022: 0.34

Waste production

o    <25,000 tonnes in 2022


o    Losses of energy in the grid (%)

2015: 9.30

2016: 8.41

2017: 8.12

2018: 7.50

2019: 9.53

o    Targets for energy losses in the grid (%): -4%

2019: 9.53

2022: 9.15

Environmental footprint

The environmental footprint is a multi-criteria measure of the company’s environmental behaviour at all stages of the life cycle; from the extraction of raw materials to how products are managed at the end of their useful life. In 2019 we saw a reduction in our footprint of 40% compared to 2018, a significant improvement mainly due to decreased production at coal-fired stations.


Environmental litigation

During 2019, only one environmental incident has been recorded, with an associated fine of 2,200,000 €.

During 2019, there were 53 environmental lawsuits, which can be broken down as follows: 10 issues relating to wind energy, 3 issues relating to generation (nuclear), 4 issues relating to generation (water, gas and coal) and 36 issues relating to distribution. The total monetary value of the provisions for these environmental liabilities accrued at year-end 2019 is 69,357,288 euros.

Our environmental management projects

Continue reading about the environment

Comprehensive water management

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