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Integrated water management

We view water as being a strategic, critical resource

At Endesa, we consider water to be a strategic, critical resource that is being affected by climate change.

According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) forecasts, by 2050, nearly half of the world’s population will live in areas of high water stress unless new policies are implemented.

To preserve this resource, at Endesa, we are constantly updating our corporate strategy in relation to water and we are working to make efficient use of water resources, both in the hydroelectric power plants, which use water to produce renewable energy, and in those that use other technologies (thermal and nuclear). We are also focused on continuously improving the control of wastewater and preserving the ecological state of the reservoirs and the associated regulated stretches of rivers.

A total of 20 production centres are in areas of water stress (<1,700 m3 per person and year). However, of those, 65% do not consume fresh water. Such is the case of the thermal plants that are only supplied with salt water or water from hydroelectric power plants that use fresh water without consuming it.

For the ninth consecutive year, at Endesa, we have complied with the CDP Water Disclosure, an initiative that provides data related to water and its management by the largest corporations in the world. Last year, we reached the ‘Management’ level, with a B rating. The objective of the initiative is to inform the global market about the risk of investment and commercial opportunities, and to help direct investments toward the sustainable use of this resource.

In 2018, we also participated in the CDP Supply Chain Water programme, as we did for the first time in 2017. In this way, we continued our commitment to manage the value chain, requesting information about water management from our suppliers. The response index has been 67%, compared to 64% of the average of global companies participating in the initiative and the data show that over 40% of the suppliers that responded have declared to have integrated the matters regarding water into their business management.

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