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Step-to-step guide to signing up with Endesa

Signing up for electricity and gas with Endesa is easy and simple. The moment you decide to sign up for our energy, you make it yours too.

We want you to take control of your own energy. That’s why we’ll keep you informed, every step of the way, so you know exactly how much energy you are using at each moment of your life.

You don't have to adapt to our rates. Endesa has electricity and gas rates that adapt to you. If you decide to join us, this is what will happen after you choose the rate that best fits your needs:

Infographic: deadlines in each step of the contracting process with Endesa.
Infographic: deadlines in each step of the contracting process with Endesa.
* The periods shown are an approximate average. They could vary depending on the type of request made.

Sign up with Endesa: your energy step by step

You sign your contract: you receive a welcome communication.

3 days

We process your request: we check your data and you receive your contract documentation.

1 day

We give you access to the network: we ask your distributor for access to the energy network.

2 days

We activate your contract: you will receive a communication and then you can register in your Customer Area and/or download the mobile app to carry out your administration.

1 - 45 days: monthly billing / 1 - 75 days: bimonthly billing

Explanation of your bill: you will receive a message in which we will help you understand your bill.

From here, your bills will arrive periodically*.

*You may also receive a closing bill from your old marketer.

How long does it take to sign up?

It's very quick. When you sign the contract, we’ll send you a confirmation message. We will check your information and contact you again when everything is ready to go. To give you an idea, this should take around 4 days.

Now it's time to gain access to the grid. We need your distribution company to authorise this. But don't worry! We’ll take care of everything and keep you up to date with our progress. In a day everything could be solved and your contract with Endesa would be activated. So we are talking about a total of around 6 days of initial procedures.

The moment that your contract is activated and goes live is an important one. Now you can register in your customer area on the website and download the mobile app.

This tells you how much electricity you consume during each hour of each day. You will also be able to carry out all your admin procedures online and improve your energy efficiency.


When will I get my first bill?

The date your first Endesa bill arrives depends on what is known as your “billing cycle”:

  • If you are billed monthly: your first bill will arrive approximately one to 45 days from the date your contract takes effect.
  • If you are billed every two months: your first bill will arrive approximately one to 75 days from the date your contract takes effect.

These estimates are for guidance purposes only and have been calculated based on all new contract requests we receive during a year. However, there may be variations. If your first bill is a bit late, don't worry. Occasionally, certain circumstances mean that there may be a delay before you receive your first bill.

In any case, we will notify you before we send you your first bill, reminding you about the product that you have signed up for and helping you better understand your energy. 


Other frequently asked questions

If you are already an Endesa customer, we recommend you contact us through your Customer Area or using the mobile app. This is the quickest and easiest way to do it.

If you are not yet a customer, here are details of how to contact Endesa.

You can also come and see us. It is advisable to make an appointment. That way, you won’t have to wait. Find the branch closest to your home with the Endesa office search engine.  

Most people are not familiar with concepts like CUPS, CIE, or ATR. Our Energy Dictionary has all the answers.

Yes. Authorising another person to view the amount of each bill, download it, and even pay it is a very useful feature for some people. For example: some elderly people prefer their children to take care of these matters, and sometimes two people share a flat and both want to be informed about their energy management.

Click here to find out how to authorise others to use your Endesa Customer Area.

Electricity and gas bills can seem complicated at first glance. What’s more, if you have switched from another supplier, you might notice some differences and have questions. As always, we believe in making everything perfectly easy to understand. These tutorials explain the details of the bills you will receive:

Don't worry! At the bottom of your first bill you will see that you can pay in different ways. Choose the one that suits you best.

You can set up a direct debit to pay your bills in the Customer Area, by clicking on "My profile". This content explains how to change your bank account.

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