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Involvement and inclusion of local communities

Inclusion of local communities

Involvement and inclusion of local communities

Our commitment to the development of the areas in which we operate is part of our Creation of Shared Value policy.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 4: Quality education
SDG 7: Affordable clean energy
SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Our commitment to the development of the communities in which we operate is part of the Company's Shared Value Creation Policy (CSV), which establishes the general principles, roles, responsibilities and procedures to be used to define, implement, finance, monitor and report the social actions, processes and projects throughout the company's value chain and in all lines of business and functions.

Its objective is to legitimise the business and strengthen its sustainability, generating roots in the communities and promoting progress in the local environment where it operates.

CSV: Create shared value

The way to integrate sustainability into business

Distribution networks


Thermal and renewable generation

Steps in the process

Analysis of the local context

Analysis using indicators related to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of the community. Risks and potential opportunities of the asset/project.

Checking with the social agents

Contact with the most representative agents of the community. Uncover its significance: needs, interests, perceptions and attitude towards the asset/project.

Definition of the CSV plan

Development of the action plan in collaboration with the social agents, establishing a set of actions that respond to the significant issues identified and maximising the value generated for the community.

Implementing the CSV plan

Implementation of the actions defined in the CSV Plan by an internal cross-disciplinary team and, where appropriate, with the participation of local partners (NGOs, social enterprises, etc.).

Supervision, evaluation and report

Supervision of the process, measurement of the impacts to verify the value contributed and to confirm the key information by monitoring the indicators and results.

Our projects about inclusion of local communities

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Involvement and inclusion of our people

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