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Sustainability projects

Projects for the advancement of local communities

We encourage projects that will bring progress to the local environment of the places in which we operate.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainable development goals

ODS 4: Quality education

ODS 7: Affordable and clean energy

ODS 8: Decent work and economic growth

ODS 15: Life on land

ODS 17: Partnerships for the goals

Our commitment to the development of the communities in which we operate forms part of our Creating Shared Value (CSV) policy, which takes into account local needs in order to make a positive impact on the environment. We apply this model to all sustainability projects in the different regions in which we are active and in every one of our business areas.

We have set up four clusters of community-impact projects that encompass access to energy, socio-economic development, education and community support. All of these add social value to our business activities, encouraging social advancement, facilitating access to electricity for the most vulnerable groups and providing a response to the needs of the main stakeholders.

Energy access projects

ODS 7: Affordable and clean energy

Without access to a staple such as energy, the development and well-being of society cannot be achieved. In 2020, we have invested more than Euro 2.6 million in social projects at this level, and managed 35 initiatives benefiting more than 225,500 people.  This allows us to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 7.

Also, in the category of "Access to energy", we promote initiatives such as employability and job creation in the energy sector: the subcategory "Training and training in the field of energy" includes courses, internships and creation of professional opportunities for unemployed people. Our efforts in 2020 have benefited 1,031 people.

Social and economic development projects in the community

ODS 8: Decent work and economic growth

Commitment to the socio-economic development of the communities where we are present falls under Sustainable Development Goal 8. We have launched initiatives that promote their progress through the support, generation and creation of local economic fabric and programmes that promote employability and job creation.

In 2020, we have invested more than Euro 9.7 million in this type of initiative, accounting for 29% of all investments, through 93 projects (48 in 2019) that benefitted more than 139,000 people. Of these, 48 projects form part of the second phase of the ENDESA Public Responsibility Plan in response to COVID-19, many of which will continue into 2021. The most relevant initiatives can be found below. 

  • Training in workplace risk prevention – Canary Islands: This initiative aims to secure the inclusion of vulnerable groups in society and the workplace through training designed to promote their inclusion in the job market. 
  • SAVIA : In 2018, Endesa Foundation and Fundación Más Humano launched this project with a view to helping more than one million unemployed people over the age of 50 in Spain. To do this, they offer this age group tools and resources in order to improve their employability and find new job alternatives. In 2020, these activities reached more than 30,000 beneficiaries.
  • Assignment for use of company assets: During 2020, we have assigned the use of several assets and facilities to local councils and other social institutions, with the aim of promoting the social and economic development of communities, promoting tourist activity in the area and revitalising the local economy.

Education projects

ODS 4: Quality education

In 2019, we have invested more than Euro 4.3 million in this type of project, which accounts for 13% of our social investment, organising 56 initiatives to the benefit of more than 112,000 people (73,000 people in 2019). This increase can be traced to the extraordinary actions undertaken to minimise the digital divide in education, performed as part of the ENDESA Public Responsibility Plan in response to COVID-19. This enables us to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 4. These are some samples of our educational initiatives:

  • ENDESA Red Chair: In collaboration with Spanish Universities, the initiative provides the framework for different activities that serve as a bridge between academia and business in the form of seminars, conferences, final degree projects and doctoral theses, in addition to research in the electricity sector.
  • "Gigantes" virtual campus:  This initiative focuses on education, sporting values, entertainment and helping families with healthy activities for children during the post-lockdown period.
  • RetoTech: ENDESA Foundation technological challenge to impart training to teachers and students from 110 education centres in the regions of Madrid, Aragon and Andalusia in relation to technological entrepreneurship, reinforcing knowledge in creative technology through programming and robotics.
  • Donation of materials to support inclusive education: We have donated computers and furniture to associations, NGOs and educational centres to minimise the digital divide and facilitate access to education for groups in vulnerable situations.

Support projects for local communities

We support local communities by promoting projects intended to improve the well-being of people and communities while maintaining their cultural identity, protecting the environment and local biodiversity, promoting sports and healthy habits and supporting the fulfilment of basic needs. We have invested around Euro 17 million, managed 127 projects and reached more than 1.8 million beneficiaries.

.In 2020, we have implemented 53 actions focused on alleviating critical situations of families and people at risk of exclusion, of which 43 are part of ENDESA's Public Responsibility Plan in response to COVID-19. Investment in the project totalled more than Euro 5.3 million.

As for the projects to promote culture, in 2020, we have kept promoting culture in society, collaborating in initiatives such as the Teatro Real or Friends of the Prado Museum.

In 2020, we have invested more than Euro 8.8 million in health and safety promotion projects with 45 initiatives that have benefited more than 1.2 million people (15,000 in 2019).

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