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Conservation of biodiversity

Our activity, respectful of biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity is an integral part of the design of our business strategy.

Endesa’s biodiversity policy
biodiversity actions developed in 2020
trees planted and 85.3 restored with Endesa Forest
tCO2 will be absorbed thanks to the Endesa Forest project

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 14: Life below water

SDG 15: Life of terrestrial ecosystems

At Endesa, we are aware of the importance of minimising the impact that industrial activity can have on the areas where we operate. Our business strategy therefore focuses on protecting biodiversity and conserving and enhancing natural capital.

The Biodiversity Conservation Plan is part of our Biodiversity Policy  and one of its most important and distinctive facets, since all the actions included in this plan are carried out either completely voluntarily, or go far beyond mere mandatory environmental requirements.

The main action lines of our Plan are:

  • Restoring the physical environment on our land and at our facilities to increase their capacity for hosting biodiversity.
  • Managing the factors in the natural environment surrounding our facilities that contribute to improving the habitats of certain species.
  • Recognising our natural capital and the ecosystems it is home to, their value and state of conservation.
  • Preserving native species and controlling invasive species at Endesa facilities and in the surrounding area.

The Biodiversity Conservation Plan ended 2020 with a total of 26 operational actions with the following results: 21 ongoing from previous years (3 of them were completed in 2020 and 18 will continue this year) in addition to making a start on 5 new actions in 2020. The Plan actions took place throughout Spain and Portugal and included many of our business lines.

Biodiversity conservation plan

Our voluntary actions to protect biodiversity can be classified according to the type of project. Find them on the following map or in the list of projects.


Actions implemented in 2020


Water resources

Forest resources

Restoration of natural spaces

Biodiversity tools

Distribution by business

8% Thermal generation

27% Distribution

30% Renewable

  • 15% Renewable (Water)
  • 15% Renewable (Wind)

35% Corporate area

List of projects

Locate each project by finding its number on the map.


  • 1. Pilot signposting project to conserve the grouse in the Pyrenees (Catalonia)

    2. Conservation of the Canarian shearwater in the Fuencaliente Wind Farm (Canary Islands)

    3. Restoration of lesser kestrel populations through reintroduction and monitoring techniques (Aragon and Andalusia)

    4. Treatment of electrocuted birds with laser therapy (Catalonia)

    5. Radio tracking of a Bonelli’s eagle treated with laser therapy Catalonia)

    6. Conservation of the osprey in the province of Cádiz.(Andalusia)

    7. Identification of threats and use of space by the red kite population in Aragon (Aragon)

    8. Supplementary feeding points for the black vulture  and other large birds of prey in the Pyrenees (PAS) (Aragon and Catalonia)

    9. Identification of the juvenile dispersal and connectivity of the black vulture in the Tejo International National Park (Portugal, Extremadura, Castilla y León and Catalonia)

Water resources

  • 10. Study of anti-proliferation methods for macrophytes in the Flix-Asco section of the Ebro river (Catalonia)

    11. Comprehensive evaluation of the ecosystem services associated with several Endesa hydroelectric dams. (Andalusia, Catalonia and Galicia)

Forest resources

  • 12. Enrichment of biodiversity in areas of the Lleida Pyrenees with bears. (Catalonia)

    13. Study of the trophic cascade effect in forest ecosystems (Catalonia)

    14. Recovery of the Mediterranean Turtle. (Catalonia)

    15. Endesa Bats (Catalonia, Andalusia and Northwest)

    16. Diversity of pollinators and non-pollinators in the heathland ecosystem (Andalusia)

    17. Root Rot in Holm Oak Agreement (Spain)

Restoration of natural spaces

  • 18. Atalaya Endesa Forest (Madrid)

    19. Teruel Endesa Forest (Aragón)

    20. SEBIECO Project: bioindicator-based monitoring of the eco-restored tip at the Litoral thermal power plant (Andalusia)

    21. Bosque Endesa in Doñana (Andalusia)

    22. Biodiversity in mining areas restored by Endesa. (Galicia and the provinces of Ciudad Real, Teruel and Córdoba)


Biodiversity tools

  • 23. Ecological assets under power lines. (Catalonia)

    24. Design and implementation of a system of biodiversity indicators. (Madrid)

    25. Bioreturn. Evaluation of Endesa’s biodiversity actions in terms of ecosystem services. (Madrid)

    26. Invasive algae in the Bay of Cádiz. (Andalusia)


Our biodiversity conservation projects

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