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What is Endesa's telephone number?

There are many different reasons why you might need to talk to Endesa. In almost all cases, the fastest and simplest way to resolve your queries is over the Internet rather than calling. Here's how you can contact us.

At Endesa, we want to be close to you, we want to be easily reachable in any situation that arises. If you need us, don't hesitate to let us know using our contact details below.


For questions and queries

Your question is likely to have already been asked by lots of other people. That is why we have a Frequently Asked Questions section available at the click of a mouse, without the need to dial any number:


You can also ask directly through our intelligent search function, which has answers to more than 500 questions.

If you need to speak to us in person, book an appointment at any of our 250 offices. We're here to help you.

Electricity and gas offers

If you're looking for better tariffs for electricity or gas, or to find a maintenance service that protects you whatever the problem, browse our catalogue and choose the option that best meets your needs.

If you have moved into a house without electricity and/or gas (because it is new or because it was cut off), here we explain how to register for electricity and gas.


Complaints and problems

We like to hear when things are going well, but we’re also here to help when things go wrong.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a problem and make a complaint if you need to:


In the event of a breakdown, the first thing you need to determine is whether it affects your installation or the network.

If your neighbours have electricity/gas, it's likely to be a problem with your installation: contact a specialist technician (if you already have OkLuz Assist or OkGas services services you're in luck: you have it covered.

However, if it's a problem with the electricity grid, you should contact your distributor. Companies vary depending on where you live. In our Customer Service section, you'll see a drop-down menu to find out who to contact and also, a subsection called "Electricity Supply" to check the status of your supply point to find out if it is faulty.

If there is a problem with the gas network, consult our emergency map to find out who to call.


List of Endesa telephone numbers

Here you'll find the main Endesa customer service numbers.

  • Endesa Energía S.A.: 800 76 09 09 (Customer Service).
  • Electricity breakdowns Andalusia: 900 85 08 40.
  • Electricity breakdowns Aragón: 900 84 89 00.
  • Electricity breakdowns Balearic Islands: 900 84 99 00.
  • Electricity breakdowns Canary Islands: 900 85 58 85.
  • Electricity breakdowns Catalonia: 800 76 07 06.
  • Electricity breakdowns in other regions: this PDF contains a list of telephone numbers of electricity distributors.
  • Gas breakdowns: see our list of telephone numbers of gas distributors.
“Contacting Endesa is faster and simpler online.”