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How to protect yourself from phishing using the Endesa name

Cyber criminals cast their nets in all types of waters, making fraudulent use of the names of banks, insurers, etc., and that includes Endesa. They want you to fool you into thinking you are dealing with us so that you trust them and provide them with sensitive data. Here are the keys to beating them.

What is phishing?

The only way to protect yourself from the scammer is to know how their scams work. Phishing (a play on the word "fishing") is a 3-step scam:

1. They win your trust: cybercriminals lull you into a false sense of security by disguising themselves as a familiar brand with which you have a relationship. They copy its logos, imitate its emails and even build entire websites that resemble the originals. Their objective is to impersonate your bank, your insurance agent, your electricity company.

2. They use a good excuse: they need a reason that will make you enter your most sensitive data. It could be anything: a technical incident, a payment error, an urgent situation, etc. They usually frame it as something you should do very quickly before you get a chance to think about it.

3. They capture your sensitive data: such as your credit card number or the password for your Private Customer Area, etc.

The success of the scam depends largely on the skills of these criminals, since they are not all capable of creating a convincing lure. Whatever the, the best way to ensure they fail is for you to be on the alert.


Phishing using Endesa

Because we are the country's main power company, cybercriminals could not resist Endesa and they have tried to use its good name to trick their victims on many occasions. They have used a variety of strategies, one of which involves orchestrating full-scale phishing campaigns. Their favourite tactic is as follows:

  • A) You receive an email that appears to be from Endesa.
Fraudulent email alert Endesa refund
Fraudulent email alert Endesa refund.

B) You are informed of a payment error, and that you are entitled to a refund.

Receive a refund in the amount of 1000.00 euros
Receive a refund in the amount of 1000.00 euros.
Confirm your refund
Confirm your refund

C) You are asked to enter your name, ID and credit card information.

Enter payment details Enter first and last name
Enter payment details Enter first and last name.
Enter credit card details
Enter credit card details.
You will receive an SMS with a password that must also be entered
You will receive an SMS with a password that must also be entered.
Capture of url that has been using the name of Endesa
Capture of url that has been using the name of Endesa.

How to avoid phishing under Endesa's name

First of all, stay calm: Endesa constantly monitors these types of attacks and we counter attack to ensure the security of our customers' data.

The second is to systematically ignore this type of email. If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us. It is free and we will be happy to answer your questions. On the next page you will find a selection of Endesa Customer Service channels. Before you trust a strange email, or a suspicious call, get information from the authorised source: endesaclientes.com, the Endesa Customer Service page.

The third strategy is to be proactive. Why let a bunch of hackers fool you? If you are aware of your energy consumption and the status of your electricity and gas bills, that will never happen. They can't fool you if you know more than they do. That is why we encourage you to register in your Private Client Area if you have not already done so.

You can check the status of your bills (past ones and those that are being calculated), check your electricity consumption for every hour of every day, edit your contractual information such as, for example, the bank account from which your bills are paid...

Take control so that nobody controls you. Help us beat the cybercriminals.

“If you receive any suspicious emails or calls, don’t hesitate: contact the official Endesa Customer Service and we will deal with your concerns.”

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