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Your Endesa bill made easy

Your Endesa bill, explained simply and with no frills. Think what is most important to you: how much you pay, and why you pay it.

Sometimes, when trying to explain something, there is a risk of becoming entangled in a very long introduction that loses sight of what really matters. For example when explaining the electricity bill. First question: is there someone who really understands it?


Let’s get to the point: the basic details

In the “Your bill details” section, you will see the first thing you need to know: the period for which you are being charged, when the bill was issued and when you will be charged for it.

It also includes a code identifying that specific bill (Bill no.) and another that identifies your electricity contract (Reference). If you need to carry out any transactions, it is advisable to keep this information to hand.

Although we recommend going digital and carrying out all your transactions via your Private Area. You simply have to register with endesaclientes (if you have already registered, access your Private Area with your username and password).

The following section you will come across is called “Bill summary”. This includes all the important things you are being charged for.


Contracted power

This is the fixed term of your bill and it is measured in kW.

Look at it like a kind of fee you have to pay for connecting to the power grid. It will be the same every month, unless you decide to increase or decrease it.

The higher the contracted power, the more electrical appliances you will be able to have on at the same time… but you will pay more too. If you are left short, your fuse box will trip each time you switch on the washing machine and the oven, for example. Before considering a change of any sort, Read about service capacity here.

Most households have a contracted supply ranging between 3.3 and 4.6 kW of power. If you have more than 10 kW, you cannot subscribe to the regulated tariff (VPSC), only free market tariffs.

“Do not decrease your power unless you are sure it will be sufficient for your household.”

Energy consumed

If the power is the “fixed fee”, this is the variable term. The more electricity you use, the more you pay. And what if you are not using any electricity as you are not at home? You won’t pay a thing… but remember, an empty house can still be using electricity (the refrigerator, devices on standby), unless you switch them off completely.

The electricity you use is measured in kWh. The will find full details in another section (“Electricity consumption information”), but we recommend checking it online. From you Private Area via endesaclientes, you can see how many kWh you are consuming during each hour of the day.

It is difficult to play with power, but you can do wonders with your energy consumption. For example, by signing up for a tariff that suits your routine.


Taxes and other expenses.

Power and consumption are important, but there are other expenses that must be paid every month:

  • Electricity tax: this is special tax, levied at 5.11% on your power and consumption. The State uses this to develop alternative energies.
  • Meter rental: the electricity meter is owned by the distribution company, which rents it to you for a small monthly fee (between 0.5 and 1.15 euros depending on your circumstances).
  • VAT: is 21% and it is applied to the entire bill. Hang on a minute: how can VAT be applied to something that already has a tax applied to it? The answer is that the VAT Law allows this in cases such as the special electricity tax.
“Your electricity bill is made up of the fixed term (power), the variable term (consumption) and taxes.”

What is your tariff?

Most people don’t even know which tariff they have. It is essential, since the price of each kWh you consume depends on your tariff.

To find out your tariff, access the “Contract details” section. This will include a field entitled “Contracted product". That is your rate. 

After this field, you will see the name of your tariff.


What if I disagree with my bill?

Now you know exactly how your bills are calculated, what happens if you see something on there which doesn’t seem right? If it doesn't seem right, undoubtedly, you will think you've been overcharged, and get upset.

Don't worry. We have identified four main reasons behind most such situations:

  • Higher seasonal consumption: in summer, this tends to be down to air conditioning, and in winter, to electric heating. Besides, there are a whole range of circumstances which could account for a spike in consumption for a few days or weeks. If you think you’re being charged too much, first look at the number of kWh for which the bill has been issued. From your Private Area on our website, you can easily compare this with your consumption from previous months. If you haven't done anything to account for the increased consumption, and you believe it might be down to a fault with your electricity meter, fill in the Endesa contact form selecting “Claim”, category “Metering equipment” and subject “Fault with metering equipment”. We will respond within a maximum of 21 working days.
  • Several months being billed in one: in some cases, there may be a reason why we bill you for several months’ consumption in one go. You aren't paying any more in this case; rather, you have paid less in previous months, and now the higher bill is being issued to bring the account back up to date. Have a look at your bill to see the kWh of consumption for which you are being billed, and the date range for which this applies. If you see that you are being billed for several months at once, you can ask to split the payment into several instalments. Go to the form and select “Request”, category “Payments to Endesa”, and subject “Application to postpone payments / pay in instalments”.
  • Too high a contracted service capacity: this is the fixed portion of your bill: you pay this amount every month, and need to check that it is suited to what you need. If you have requested a change in your service capacity and it is not yet reflected on your bill, it may be that you made the request after the closing date of the billing cycle; the change will be applied to your next bill.
  • You are not getting the rate (or discount) you were expecting: check the Contracts section of your Private Area. There, you will find the tariffs applied to your account, the services you have contracted with us, and any discounts which apply.
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