100% of our clients have coverage if they are in a vulnerable situation

We have signed 261 agreements to make progress in the fight against energy poverty through collaboration with administrations and entities.
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Endesa is aware of the serious problem posed by energy poverty in many Spanish homes. For that reason, we've been working closely with local and Autonomous Community administrations and third sector institutions since 2014 so that no client in a vulnerable situation is deprived of a supply of energy.

With this objective in mind, we have a total of 272 agreements in force, six of them with Autonomous Communities, and the rest with city halls and associations. Thanks to them, Endesa already has covered the possibility of providing protection to 100% of its most vulnerable clients.

On the map below, you can see all of the agreements made:

Image of a Spain map´s 100% coverage of vulnerable clients 261 agreements with institutions and NGOs


Distribution of agreements by region


  • Agreements with city halls and autonomous regions

○ Andalusia: 97

○ Aragon: 7

○ Asturias: 1

○ Balearic Islands: 31

○ Canarias: 30

○ Cantabria: 1

○ Catalonia: 35

○ Galicia: 48

○ Community of Madrid: 1

○ Basque Country: 1

○ Valencian Community: 1


  • Agreements with federations and associations of municipalities

○ Andalusia: 4

○ Aragon: 1

○ Balearic Islands: 1

○ Canary Islands: 1

○ Catalonia: 1

○ Galicia: 1


  • Global agreement with the Red Cross

○ Global agreement for the country

In addition to the agreements to avoid supply cuts, we have other lines of action to help the most vulnerable families:


Volunteering energy

Endesa, along with the Endesa Foundation and the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES) have been carrying out the “Volunteering Energy” programme since 2015, an initiative that has the objective of contributing to help mitigate energy poverty and vulnerability in households through three types of interventions:

  • Training for families through workshops on efficient consumption and billing optimisation, as well as on implementing energy micro-efficiency measures, with the aim of improving the insulation of homes.
  • Customised guidance to optimise contracts and manage procedures.
  • Application of savings and security measures in homes, which will mean improvements in electrical installations to prevent risk situations due to their deterioration.

In the first three editions of the programme we have been able to help 2,577 families thanks to the support of more than 350 Endesa volunteers. Zaragoza, Barcelona, Seville, Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) and Candelaria (Tenerife) were the populations selected for this project in the first two years, which has subsequently been extended to include 14 territories, expanding the volunteer programme throughout the country.

More information.

Efficient energy consumption management with ReLUCE

The ReLUCE project is an innovative prepaid electricity system to encourage efficient energy consumption and spending control for families in vulnerable situations. This system allows an alternative to a possible supply cut by using a cap on energy supply when it becomes necessary due to non-payment.

This project, which we have launched in collaboration with the Ecology and Development Foundation (Ecodes) and the City of Calatayud in Aragon, has already offered this service to 18 families in its pilot phase with actions that include training in efficient consumption habits, household energy characterisation, contract optimisation, as well as periodic reports detailing the most relevant information on their consumption, and a long-term analysis to identify possible areas for improvement.

The ReluCe initiative has generated an average of 6% savings on electricity consumption and 23% on economic expenditure for the participating families.

More information.


CONFIA and blockchain project to avoid energy supply cuts

The CONFIA project is a pioneering programme in Europe created through blockchain technology to expedite the processing of energy poverty cases through effective coordination between the public administration and energy suppliers.

The application of this technology allows instantaneous information flow between the two organisations, generating reporting of real-time information from those who have received supply cut notices due to non-payment.

CONFIA is operational in Malaga in collaboration with its city council to identify those clients who live in the city who are in a severely vulnerable situation, with the objective being that they can benefit from the social rate before a possible supply cut occurs.

More information.

Social rebate

From the very first moment, we have enabled all of our customer service channels to report on the allocation conditions for the new social rebate, in addition to the documentation that should accompany applications and the channels through which clients can send that documentation to Endesa. We also inform all clients who have applied for a Social Rebate about the status of their application, until the finalization of the process. If you want to see the conditions of the new social rebate, click here.

In order to achieve the maximum dissemination of the new regulations of the Social Rebate, and bring it to the clients that can benefit from it, and also send the informative letters set forth in the regulations to all clients with PVPC rates, we are carrying out an ongoing communication campaign to social services, consumer associations, consumption bodies and third sector organizations through all of the territories where they operate.

More information.


Energy poverty report in Spain

We are the only company in the industry that contributed to the Energy Poverty Report prepared by the Association of Environmental Sciences (ACA) in Spain, one of the benchmark reports in this field, which is published biannually and whose objective is two-fold: first, to quantify the number of homes in a situation of energy poverty, and second, to present a series of proposals and recommendations, mainly sent to the administration, which aims to resolve this problem.

Endesa's collaboration in the 2016 edition of the report took shape through participating in workshops in different sectors that addressed the different keys to energy poverty in Spain, and the conclusions of which served as an input for this report. A total of 94 organizations from all fields went to those workshops (administrations, consumer association, political parties, ombudsmen, syndicates, foundations, NGOs, etc.).

More information.

Training for Social Services and Third Sector Institutions

To achieve more efficient energy consumption and greater optimization of bills, workshops have been given to third sector institutions and social service technicians acting as consultants for families in situations of vulnerability.

Among these practices, the most outstanding are those carried out along with ACA, EAPN, the Government of Aragón, CIRCE and ECODES, which have now served to help 37,000 families, training more than 300 NGOs and social service technicians. In 2019 alone, some 77 institutions participated in sessions where around 9,000 people received information on energy poverty.

More information

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