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Stage 10: Endesa Madrid Headquarters - Paseo del Prado

The eVuelta II reaches the finish line on the historic Paseo del Padro in Madrid where a big party dedicated to electric mobility will be held with plenty of fun sustainable activities for all ages.

And finally….Madrid!

The second edition of the Tour of Spain in Electric Vehicle is coming to an end. And it does so with its now traditional celebration on Paseo del Prado. We enjoyed a fiesta there dedicated to electric mobility and sustainability.

The heavens gave us respite and gave way to a sunny morning that enabled us to enjoy the final stage of the #eVuelta.

The line of cars that took part in edition 2 of the #eVuelta left Endesa headquarters early. There, Pepe Rodríguez met his travel companion Roser, an Endesa employee. But, this time, they did not go alone. Some more people went along for the ride: CEO José Bogas, Director General for Communication Alberto Fernández, and all the employees that had taken part in the different stages.


A stage end marked by fun

The end of the journey marked the onset of a festive morning. Paseo del Prado was brimming with people who enjoyed the electric mobility activities prepared for them: electric circuit for kids, scooters, carts, hover boards and energy baskets. For the adults, we had prepared a test drive with Kia electric vehicles. Madrid Town Council also contributed to sustainable mobility with bikes and an electric bus.

Direct connections with Cadena SER and Capital Radio enabled Pepe and Roger to recount their experience and explain the benefits of electric mobility to the public.

To close the event, we enjoyed an awards ceremony for all employees with Pepe Rodríguez and José Bogas.

Ruta etapa 10 Madrid

But that’s not all...

This final stage was the official presentation of the #eVuelta webseries. All attendees were fortunate to be the first ones to see chapter 1.

If you couldn’t attend, don’t worry. Every week, you can see a new webseries chapter on our website. Are you going to miss it? Stay tuned!


Taking part

This time the electric scooter was won by Federico. Congratulations!

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Legal foundations of the call.

Pepe poses next to the #eVuelta cars on Paseo del Prado
Viewing chapter 1 of the #eVuelta webseries
Pepe and the Endesa CEO enjoying chapter 1
A fun day out for everyone
Pepe talks to Cadena Ser with Puri Beltrán from A Vivir Madrid
Photos of stage 10 of the #eVuelta