Chapter 3 Samantha and the picnic theory

The eVuelta continues through Aragón and Samantha will have an unmissable opportunity to prepare a picnic using local products.

From Alcañiz to Huesca, with chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera in chapter 3 of the #eVuelta series!

If you have already seen the previous ones, discover in the upper video the new challenge our protagonist will have to face. If you have not yet seen her previous adventures alongside Pepe Rodríguez, take a peek at the first two chapters.

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The electric car revolution

Imagine your ideal car and then print it

Self-driving cars that drive themselves, personalised vehicles, cars designed online and created in 3-D printers. The new mobility model will bring novelties that up to now, we had only seen in science-fiction movies.

According to Arturo Perez de Lucia, Director-General of AEDIVE, the Spanish corporate Association for Development and Boosting the Electric Vehicle, "there will be various degrees of autonomous cars where the human being will virtually stop being the main player of driving. With this type of car you will press a button and the car will park itself. You will not even have to perform the manoeuvre. Or it will drive on the road with sensor systems such that without us doing anything the car will drive itself and know what it has around it". All of this will be achieved by means of CIT technologies that form part of the digital revolution. The experts calculate that in six years more or less we will see quite a significant degree of automation.

ANFAC, the Spanish Association of Car and Lorry Manufacturers, argues that there will be a change in the use of vehicles given that "payment will increase for use compared to the single pattern of ownership that we have known for many years. The car will in many cases be shared. And it will be managed in connection with other systems".

“The human being will virtually stop being the main player of driving. “With this type of car you will press a button and the car will park itself. You will not even have to perform the manoeuvre.”

Arturo Perez de Lucia, Director General of AEDIVE

Design your own car

But, aesthetically, what will this DeLorean be like? Will it fly? Will car brands still exist? Will missiles come out of the side?

Only AEDIVE has risked explaining what this DeLorean will be like and it is already a reality that 4.0 technology will form part of the automobile industry: "Vehicles will be manufactured with 3D printing. There will be a system where will you will choose a basic topic (kinematics + battery) in which you can choose the form, colour and size of your electric car and the complement you wish to add such as hello kitty ears next to the wing mirrors, for example. All of this is done on the Internet and then you press a button and in 3-4 days, you will have your car. Not without seeing it in 3D image first".

"It will be difficult for us to visit a car dealer in the future because we won’t need to. We will create our own car because it is so easy to do (and manufacture). So that, if you are in Seville one day, you bought the car Madrid and a door breaks you will no longer have to go to a workshop, you will simply talk to the person who offered the service (via an online click), who will talk to a 3-D company in Seville and they will print the same door for you. The next day they will install it for you".

“If you are in Seville one day, you bought the car in Madrid and you break a door, you will no longer have to go to a workshop. You will just talk to a 3-D company and they will print the same door for you.”

Arturo Perez de Lucia, Director General of AEDIVE

Mechanical workshops will have to adapt to this technological revolution. And car brands will have to switch their business model and adapt to this new era. An era where both process and production costs become so easy.

And, if you don’t believe this, currently the electric car brand Tesla already offers a PDF catalogue so that the consumer can buy the model they are most interested in on Internet at home. And in Japan the company Kabuku has already created personalised distribution lorries (Honda Micro EV) where their bodywork is the result of 3-D printing because a pastry company needed vehicles that could fit on the city’s narrow streets.

As for flying cars… Arturo Pérez de Lucia, assures that: "They already exist and they are experimenting with them. But the complicated thing is regulating air traffic regulations". It’s better if we deal with this issue another time.

“The electric car is advantageous from the economic point of view because connected and autonomous vehicles will manage themselves in a shared way by means of fleets which will optimise their use and lower costs.”

Noemí Navas, spokesperson of ANFAC

But, whether the future come sooner or later, all the experts agree that electric mobility will grow exponentially and leave behind the idea of having the same vehicle for 20 years. "In the end, the important thing is to analyse that today an electric vehicle already gives you an answer to your needs. It’s a change towards the future, it’s not resisting what is on the way. So the sooner we try this, the fewer problems we will have to adapt ourselves."

And although it’s true that in regard to the price of the electric car it’s easy to admit that it is more expensive to buy, "in two years you have amortised this, considering the cost of any other car from the time it leaves the car dealer: maintenance, petrol and going to the workshop", says Arturo from AEDIVE.

Conversely, Noemí Navas, ANFAC spokesperson, defends the fact that "the electric car is advantageous from the economic point of view because connected and autonomous vehicles will manage themselves in a shared way by means of fleets which will optimise their use and lower costs. Moreover, in constant circulation they will not take up space in cities and their optimal management will avoid traffic jams".

So either with a shared autonomous car according to the consumer’s preference a not so distant future awaits us full of innovation and sustainability that will completely change the way we understand life.

Welcome to the future!

Picture of stage 3 of the #eVuelta

Would you like to relive stage 3 of the #eVuelta?

Find out everything that happened. The main players, their best moments, the journey, details on the car and much more. Are you going to miss it?

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