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Endesa X: New value for new energy

Energy is changing and we want to lead this evolution towards a new energy model that prioritises sustainability, flexibility and value creation.

Image of a Endesa's charge point

The energy sector is changing along with its customers. In recent years, we’ve seen your needs grow in sophistication, as a function of new products and services. Moreover, digitalisation and technological advances have changed the way in which companies and customers act, and also how they interact with each other.

It was this context that led to the foundation of Endesa X: a new agent created with the commitment to lead the evolution that has yet to come.


The New Power Economy: new energy for new value

Creating value is the main objective of Endesa X. The new brand contributes to the New Power Economy so that a new energy model is possible. For that purpose, it provides innovation through technological solutions and added value services for customers, companies and cities.

It is what we call e-industriese-Citye-Home and e-Mobility. The future of energy will be built on these four basic pillars in order to achieve a digital, open and more sustainable model for industries, cities, homes and mobility.

For that reason, the new Endesa X services promote new opportunities through distributed generation, energy efficiency and consulting and auditing services for industries. To achieve a smart city, the new brand is focussed on public lighting, the wholesale of the fibre optic grid and energy services in cities.

In the area of homes, Endesa X is supporting the growth of the home assistance businesses and will provide its customers with innovative energy equipment installation services, maintenance and repair, automation and Home 2 Grid services.

Mobility will also be one of its strong points through the development of a recharging network: from installing the infrastructure to maintenance to fully integrating electrical vehicles. e-Mobility will group together electrical mobility solutions for residential customers, industries and businesses, as well as the public administration.


A new energy model to progress toward the future

To be an agent of change toward the new sustainable energy ecosystem, Endesa X will be supported by the Enel Group. In fact, it is from Enel X, global reference brand.

The brand’s DNA is notable for three key activities: being a main provider of infrastructures, expanding energy as a service and promoting its flexibility in order to make it possible for customers to participate in electricity markets. Electric mobility will be the standard of this transformation, with the creation of more than 2,000 recharging points in Spain between 2019 and 2020, which will continue growing until reaching 100,000 recharging points at the residential and the 8,500 charging points of commercial public access in 2023.

Energy is changing and we want to lead this evolution toward a new energy model that prioritises sustainability, flexibility and creating value. We want to contribute to the New Power Economy to generate new energy.