Enel Madrid Innovation Hub: open innovation concerning the Internet of Things

We open collaborative spaces to find out those innovative projects that help us build a more efficient energy future


Featured projects


ICT Girls: promoting the future of our youngest generation of girls

At Endesa we are committed to promoting equality of work opportunities between men and women in the field of science and technology, acting against the barriers that we still face today.


100% of our clients have coverage if they are in a vulnerable situation

We work closely with local and Autonomous Community administrations and third sector institutions so that no client in a vulnerable situation is deprived of a supply of energy.


A change in model to protect the planet

In Endesa he have always been committed to a model founded on the efficient use of resources, in which products and materials are kept in the economy for as long as possible and waste is minimised.

Energy and more


Reseller companies, distribution companies and electricity markets

What are the differences between an energy reseller company and a power distribution company? And what about between having an electricity contract in a regulated or deregulated market? How does it affect your bill? We answer all your doubts about it.

Electric Mobility

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

The electric vehicle market is growing very quickly thanks to the many advantages these vehicles offer. If you have ever considered buying one of these vehicles, it is important to know certain aspects that will help you decide whether it is the best model for you.


What should you do if you have an electrical fault?

Sometimes one of the lines of the power supply may be demaged for reasons beyond our control., what could mean the interruption of it. If this happens, what should you do? We will explain it to you.