Endesa X: New value for new energy

Endesa X contributes to the New Power Economy so that a new energy model is possible. It provides innovation through technological solutions and added value services for customers, companies and cities.


Featured projects

Sport New

Enjoy the water in a sustainable manner

For many years, we have contributed to several cultural and athletic associations to facilitate the proper development of several events and competitions that are held in the areas surrounding reservoirs and hydroelectric plants.


From the classroom to the plant: VIVES Project and virtual reality

VIVES Project is a programme based on virtual reality that recreates the inside of a plant so that employees can practise in a “real” environment without running the risk of interfering in the functioning of the equipment.

Energy and more


Reseller companies, distribution companies and electricity markets

What are the differences between an energy reseller company and a power distribution company? And what about between having an electricity contract in a regulated or deregulated market? How does it affect your bill? We answer all your doubts about it.

Electric Mobility

Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

The electric vehicle market is growing very quickly thanks to the many advantages these vehicles offer. If you have ever considered buying one of these vehicles, it is important to know certain aspects that will help you decide whether it is the best model for you.