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How to get your Endesa bills by email

You listen to music on your telephone, you browse the internet on a television, and you communicate with a satellite through a watch. You’re in the digital revolution. So, why do you still receive paper bills? You don't need to leave your home to control your energy.

We live in a world in which your cell phone is enough to purchase anything, and to get it to your home within hours. Everything is connected.

In this context, some objects are becoming obsolete. DVD players have been eclipsed by video streaming. The desktop computer has been replaced by handheld devices. Your traditional daily postal delivery is now only used to receive your bills.

If you're still attached to paper invoices, we have news: it is totally free to have the same only better. Faster, more complete, with 100% customised information and automatic organisation.


Why you should digitalise your bills

There are many reasons that make it more convenient to digitalise your Endesa bills, but these are the most important ones:

  • More information:we’re not talking about abandoning your traditional bills. You’ll continue to receive exactly the same bills in PDF format, with the same sections, and they're always available to be printed. They will have the same legal validity. You’ll have all of your traditional bills, but enhanced by much more information. In the case of electricity, you’ll know how much you’ve spent each hour of each day and you’ll see how this has changed over time, so you can find out if you’re being more or less efficient in your consumption.
  • Faster: when the bill is ready, an email will arrive. We're not talking about a simple notification, but a complete graphic summary of what you’ve spent over the past month. Before the bank charges you and faster than it used to take for the postman to bring it to you.
  • More control over your expenses: once you know exactly how much and when you're spending money, you can start to control your consumption. Recommendations will be made automatically, but you’ll be able to customise and configure alerts that advise you when your expenses exceed the limit you decide.
  • More organisation:you’ll never lose another bill again, and you won't need to keep folders of bills any more. You’ll have everything automatically filed by date, and you’ll be able to consult it from any device connected to the internet, at any time. Need to see a bill from a year ago? You no longer need to thumb between endless pages. Three or four clicks, and it’s yours.
  • More eco-friendly: by saving paper, you not only collaborate in preserving forests, but you also reduce emissions into the atmosphere and dumping into rivers, because paper making is one of the most polluting industries in the world.


How to digitalise your bill in 2 steps

If you want to make the digital leap, it won't cost you anything. In doing so, the postman will no longer deliver your bills in the traditional way.

But you’ll always be able to go back to having paper bills quickly, simply and without paying anything. You just request it in your Private Customer Area, and it’s ready.

To digitalise your bill, you need to:

Starting now, say goodbye to paper. You're committed to the digital revolution. Your bills will promptly arrive from the email address factura@factura.endesaclientes.com.

“With digital billing, you're just giving up paper. You keep all the information and legal validity of the traditional bill. You gain more information and control over your expenses.”