Electricity and gas in rented housing

The ideal situation in a rented home or premises is for both the owner and the tenant to agree to share essential information on bills and energy consumption.

Well-being in a rented home or premises depends largely on the relationship between the owner and the tenant. Electricity, gas and maintenance bills can be a source of conflict if both parties have not agreed on a clear way to manage them. At Endesa we give both owners and tenants all the advice they need to have control over their energy.


What Endesa offers tenants

Maximum information on your energy consumption, applying all kinds of measures to save on your bills.

The comfort of:

  • Knowing how much you consume at any given time, enabling you to change your habits to spend less. 
  • Special rates with hours of consumption that work out free, receiving advice on the times that are best for you. 
  • Maintenance insurance to avoid depending on your landlord in the event of problems, with 24/7 emergency cover.


What Endesa offers landlords

Control over the electricity and gas supply, allowing them to react quickly if the tenant should fail to pay.

The peace of mind of knowing that:

  • There will be no outstanding debts: you can make sure the tenant leaves without owing anything. 
  • Tariffs that adapt to the tenant’s consumption profile and that can be changed quickly and free of chargeYou will have control over all your electricity/gas contracts, with all bills organised and easy to find, to avoid confusion.
  • You will understand the home/premises you are managing and the status of your bills at all times. 


More name changes and fewer cancellations

The key in rental situations is to be very clear that in most cases it is not necessary to cancel a contract because the tenant changes. Very briefly:

Changing the name on the contract is completely free and the house/premises is not left without electricity/gas at any time. On the other hand, cancellation means cutting off the supply and leaving the home/premises without electricity and/or gas. Although cancellation is free, when you have to request a reconnection to reactivate the supply, you will have to pay a series of costs (at least between 77 and 190 euros for each change).

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Spend a minute to find the product which best adapts to you:


We are finding the right energy for you...

Who should be the holder of the contract?

The general recommendation is that the holder of the contract should be the person who will use the electricity and/or gas supply. In other words: the tenant.


Who has to pay for the supply in a rental apartment? Do I need to change the account holder name?

But the ideal situation is that both landlord and tenant collaborate in managing the energy and are equally involved. This ensures that they will both know how much energy the house/premises consumes, the status of the bills (if there are any to be paid) and the status of the processes available in the Endesa Customer Area.

To achieve this, Endesa recommends that the contract holder (whether the owner or the tenant) authorise the other party to use their Customer Area. This process is fast and totally free. Once authorised, both parties will be able to check the consumption and download the bills.

Click here to find out how to authorise others to use your Endesa Customer Area.


All the information about your energy, anytime, anywhere

With Endesa, both tenant and owner will have access to all the information about bills, consumption, the contract, and more. They just need an Internet connection to be able to access the Customer Area or, if they prefer, they can download the Endesa mobile app.

This is the best way for both tenant and landlord to participate together in the pursuit of efficiency. Both are interested in getting more for less, which is the definition of efficiency, and both can achieve it if they share information about their energy. 


How to register or cancel the electricity connection in a rental apartment?

Registering or cancelling the electricity connection in a rental apartment will depend entirely on the account holder of the previous supply and the management agreed between landlord and tenant.

In principle, the most common and most recommended method is for the account holder to be the tenant. In this case, registering a supply in a rental apartment is as simple as changing the name of the account holder from the previous tenant to the new one.

In other words, the new tenant will have to apply to Endesa to make the change.

Within this content, you can find all the information about: how to register an electricity connection and what to do about the electricity when you move to a new home.

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