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Reducing self-employed workers’ and companies' contracted power as a saving measure during the COVID-19 pandemic

Given the state of emergency declared because of the coronavirus, and with the intention of helping our customers, we launched some facilities for the self-employed, SMEs and companies

The need to adapt to such a complicated situation, in which many businesses experienced a reduction in their activity and, therefore, in their needs for electrical power, led us to implement measures such as the possibility of reducing power (and then increasing it again at the end of the state of emergency) free of charge.

This initiative was effective for both the self-employed and for companies (regardless of size). 

The first step was to give you the possibility of accessing your contracted power data. This information can easily be found on any Endesa onvoice and also in the “Power and voltage” section when you select your contract in the Endesa Customer Area.

Once the power has been looked at, we provide you with a series of recommendations on the power required for your specific case where, depending on the power required, we propose cost-controlling solutions so the "fuses will not trip":


1.   Less than 15 kW

These supplies typically have a Power Control Switch (ICP). This means that if your equipment and appliances demand more power than you have signed up for, "the fuses will trip".

That’s why it is important to contract sufficient power for the devices that you can’t do without during the temporary closure of your business. For example: your burglar alarm, router, refrigerators, etc. If you are unsure about the power that you need, we recommend that you ask a trusted installer.

You can sign up for power to an accuracy of up to a decimal point (from 0.1 kW onwards). If you decide on the minimum (0.1 kW), this will cost you approximately 40 cents / month plus taxes.


2.   More than 15 kW

These supplies have a maximeter, which means that your power will not go off even if your devices require more kW than the power you have signed up for (your fuses will never trip). However, bear in mind that whenever you use more power than you have signed up for, you will pay triple the normal price per kW.

This surcharge for using more than your contracted power could easily eat up all the savings you hoped to make by reducing contracted power. It is therefore very important that you do not reduce the power below what you really need.

These supplies have three different power rates: peak, flat and off-peak. Off-peak power is the cheapest (in the early hours between 0:00 and 7:59). We recommend that you keep your off-peak power at a minimum of 15.001 kW (this power will cost you approximately €21/month plus tax). If you do this, you will keep your right to have a maximeter. You could complement this off-peak power of 15,001 kW with low power for both peak and flat rates.

If you are unsure about how much power you are going to need, we recommend that you talk to an installer you trust.

If you have power transformers in the metering equipment, we recommend that you do not make any modifications to your off-peak contracted power (to avoid the cost of replacing transformers).


How to request a power reduction

The power adjustments were managed by the distribution company within a maximum period of 5 calendar days from your request. In order to be free of charge, you had to meet these three requirements:

  • Request the power increase within the three months prior to the end of the state of emergency.
  • Do not exceed the contracted power.
  • Request the increase from the same electricity company in the name of the same contract holder.

In the following section you will be able to see how the help that we offer for free power reduction works regarding the self-employed and companies.

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