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“Mira, te cuento”: The pre-university consultancy that unites interns and A-level students

Students who help students. Students who know the way who show the path to those yet to travel it. This is "Mira, te cuento", an initiative of the FUE and in which Endesa collaborates, is a place for exchange that opens the doors of STEM education to the university students of the future.  

How do you choose a university degree? How do you know you're making the right decision? Plotting the future as a teenager is no easy task. However, there are some keys that can help you do this. In addition to knowing what your own strengths and weaknesses are, it is also very important to fully investigate and arm yourself with all the knowledge you can about the field or the sector that interests you or, about the degrees that companies demand or will be in most demand.

As for this last point, on many occasions, there is some lack of knowledge among the youngest. For example, does STEM education sound familiar to you? A lot of A-level students do not know about it. The letters stand for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Contrary to what it may seem, it is an area in constant growth and in for which there is an increasing demand in the job market. In fact, digitalisation will be responsible for the creation of 1,250,000 jobs in Spain in the coming years, a sector that is growing three times faster than general employment.

But, it does not seem to be growing equally for everyone. At present, there is a lack of leading female figures in science and technology.  So much so that only 35% of people studying scientific and technological careers are women and, what is more, women only account for 2% of jobs in occupations related to these areas. But talent has no gender, so this must change.

To this end, at Endesa, we are committed to young talent and focusing on female talent, so we collaborate in initiatives such as "Mira, te cuento". Without a doubt, the new generations of pre-university students are not having it easy and offering a better future is everyone's job, starting with companies.


What is the "Mira, te cuento" young talent project all about?

"Mira, te cuento" is an initiative by the FUE (University Business Foundation) that came about with the aim of clearing up doubts about studying certain technical careers and focusing the decision of young people towards STEM degrees. It is a pre-university consultancy aimed at uniting interns with A-level students.

Through webinars grouped according to areas of knowledge, active interns from different companies, such as Endesa, share their experiences about their career, specialties and, in general, about the university world. In this manner, they can give A-level students the opportunity to discover the various profiles demanded, in this case, by Endesa, and the professional development of these within the company.

This year, two webinars were been organised for the month of May, each one an hour long. The first of them, focused on the Energy Engineering degree, was given by María Antonia Garcias, Technical Network Manager at Endesa, who says that what she likes most about this career is the variety of subjects and professional opportunities. In addition, this intern took advantage of the session to talk aspects such as important skills, professional practices and subjects. 

Mª Antonia Garcías, student of Energy Engineering at the Universidad Empresa and intern in e-distribution.

The second webinar revolved around the Environmental Sciences degree and, in this case, Alberto Pérez, the intern in the Shared Value Creation Department, was the one in charge. "It is a very multidisciplinary career, with a lot of vision of the future and plenty of professional opportunities," says Alberto. For an hour, the intern explained what is studied on this degree, what the training practices in Endesa are like and other very interesting tips.

Alberto Pérez, student of Environmental Sciences at the Universidad Empresa and intern in the Created Shared Value department of Endesa.

Thanks to these sessions, firstly, Endesa interns have had the opportunity to enhance their skills and competencies by holding the workshop and, secondly, A-level students have been able to find out first-hand what they are going to face in the EBAU and what STEM degrees are.

Both webinars received around 60 attendees. “Mira, te cuento” has only just begun and its website has already received more than 2,700 visits and has 1,600 users. At Endesa, we will continue to support young talent.

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