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The voice of sustainability

Sustainability is not just about generating renewable energy. That is why we give sustainability a voice and develop projects to preserve our environment, from the ecological, economic and social points of view.

Sustainability is a commitment that goes beyond any single social action. Companies have a responsibility and the opportunity to drive change towards a sustainable economy and sustainable development. This must be understood as an overall approach with multiple dimensions: environmental, social and economic.

That is why sustainability is a pillar of our business culture. We integrate it into our strategy to create long-term value for society, contributing to the fight against climate change and promoting inclusion, diversity, ethics and transparency.

At Endesa, we understand that it is not just about generating 100% green energy. It is also about collaborating with local companies and bodies to preserve the environment from an ecological, economic and social perspective.

This approach of creating shared value, which contributes to the United Nations SDGs, is based on dialogue with the communities in the areas where we operate. These plans aim to generate positive impacts in the areas where they are applied, through actions that combine our interests with the priorities of local communities. We prepare a CSV (Creating Shared Value) plan for every renewable project we develop. These plans include a range of actions.


The wind now has a voice

Luis Larrodera gives voice to the wind which, in addition to whistling, has an essential role to play in the sustainability of our planet. Thanks to these air currents and the building of three wind farms, the town of Muniesa in Teruel can now generate 100% clean energy. Almost fifty wind turbines and 38 windmills are contributing to the sustainable development of the area.

But we are not just generating green energy. We are also working with local municipalities to install lighting that prevents light pollution. This could enable Muniesa to become part of the network of special locations for "astrotourism".  

Wind farms

We have built 38 windmills in three wind farms, which are bringing new air to the local economy.


The wind farm has given direct employment to 14 residents of Muniesa, which increases to 35 if you include people from nearby towns, and 616 including indirect jobs.


The low population density means dark nights without little light pollution. In Muniesa the stars shine brightly and, like the wind, they can benefit the people who live there.

The bees now have a voice

When we think of bees, we cannot imagine the importance they have for the biodiversity of our planet. They are responsible for something that is essential for the diversity of the plants in the world: pollination. Together with other pollinators, such as hoverflies, butterflies and birds, they can improve crop yields by 75%.

We have created the "Endesa Solar Apiary" at our photovoltaic plants in Carmona, in Seville. This is a pioneering project that, in addition to supporting beekeeping, is contributing to the sustainable development of the local community through the generation of shared value. This is an inclusive space of commitment to the environment in synergy with local commerce.

Samantha Vallejo Nájera gives a voice to the bees who inhabit the hives at our solar plants. Thanks to the aromatic plants grown there, they will be able to produce honey with a denomination of origin: "solar" honey.  

Iberian bee

We provide a habitat suitable for Apis mellifera, an endemic subspecies of the Iberian Peninsula bee. 

Solar apiary

We offer this site to local beekeepers for their activity.

Solar honey

We generate shared value through the production of solar honey with its own Denomination of Origin, produced by a local beekeeper and used in making the area's traditional artisan pastries.

Sustainability involves a comprehensive commitment to the overall development of the places where we perform our activity, turning them not only into drivers of clean energy, but also into drivers of economic development and progress. 

Discover more sustainability projects

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