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Creating shared value to regenerate our towns

Each renewable project is accompanied with a shared value creation plan that benefits the community. These new renewable energy parks have revitalised the environment on the path towards a zero-emission energy model.

Fuendetodos, Muniesa, Paradela, Totana and Logrosán. Thanks to the construction of new renewable energy power plants, these towns are experiencing regeneration in all areas: from social and economic development to improvements in employment and the environment. The reason: the new wind and solar farms we are building through our renewable energy division, Enel Green Power España, are accompanied by shared value-creation plans and measures that incorporate sustainability throughout the process. This is known as sustainable construction.

The shared value-creation approach is based on dialogue with communities in future power plant locations and aims to generate social and economic benefits in the areas in which it is applied. In addition to the more than 1000 direct jobs created during the construction of wind and solar farms and the increase in indirect jobs, these plans also represent a commitment to the future of the people living in the surrounding areas. More than 500 people have benefited from training courses that enable them to work in the power plants.

Solar farm
“Each renewable project has a specific CSV plan that is composed of a range of different initiatives. CSV stands for Creating Shared Value, which means doing business in a way that generates value for the community and for the company”

Ada Fiteni, director of sustainability projects with Iberia Endesa

Refurbishment of roads, promotion of hospitality and trade

Examples of the initiatives carried out in these towns include the restoration of the nevera (snow house) in Pilón Bajo and the botanical garden in Fuendetodos and the expansion and improvement of the Ruta do Loio hiking trail in Paradela, a registered site of local importance.

“For me, as an archaeologist, the ability to continue with the excavation and restoration of one of the neveras is a wonderful opportunity”

 José Luis Ona, archaeologist in Zaragoza

In Muniesa, mountain bike trails have been created and adapted on the renewable energy power plant site. These will also encourage the growth of sporting activities in the area. Meanwhile, Totana has benefited from the installation of energy solutions in the town's disability day care centre.

In the end, one of the direct consequences of our work is the new life that our power stations breathe into to these towns: more residents, new workers, more hospitality and trade. In the words of José Luis Iranzo, mayor of Muniesa: "Now there are around 100 people working in the power station, and that brings a great deal of life to the village".

Wind turbines

Sustainability in the construction of our power station and commitment to the community

Sustainability lies at the heart of every aspect of our wind farms and photovoltaic power plants: from the process of purchasing materials for their construction to their commissioning. CSV projects attempt to minimise the use of elements that may have an impact on the environment, including:

  • Rainwater tanks that will be donated to the community for reuse.
  • Photovoltaic panels used during construction with the aim of reducing the use of generators. These will also be donated after completion.
  • LED lights to ensure efficient lighting throughout the construction site.
  • Adequate waste management to help separate construction waste.
  • An electric vehicle and charging points to promote electric mobility.
“The sustainable construction model consists of a series of measures that aim to minimise the impacts that construction has on the environment. We take all of these sustainable construction measures on a voluntary basis, even though they are sometimes not the most cost-effective option”

Patricia Polite, expert in sustainability projects, Iberia - Renovables Endesa

One of the central pillars of our approach to the energy transition to an emissions-free economy is the replacement of fossil fuel power stations with wind and solar farms. In 2019 alone, the renewable power stations we are building will add 879 MW of power, of which 339 MW will be solar and 540 MW will be wind.

Tomorrow's energy will be renewable, and it will be based on a new sustainable model that will be truly respectful of the environmentSustainability is an essential part of our journey to achieving an emissions-free energy model through sustainable construction and community inclusion.

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