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Aiming towards a smart power grid: the 3S-CS project

The 3S-CS project investigates new efficiency and safety solutions in electrical equipment to achieve an intelligent electricity network.

High voltage electrical substation with compact modules of last generation

But, can a power plant be smart? Smartness is the ability to understand and solve problems. If we manage to get the components of a power substation to, for example, exchange information with one another and with the exterior in order to operate better and prevent incidents from occurring, we would be contributing towards achieving a smart power grid.   

Power stations are a key element in the distribution grid, enabling the power supply to reach our homes and businesses. For years they have operated with the same technology: a reliable and robust technology, but one that would benefit from the advances of the digital era.

This is the aim of the 3S-CS Project (Standardization-Security-Synchronization Connected Substation): to develop new solutions that enable power substations to join the digital world in order to improve the efficiency and safety of the facilities.

Endesa Distribución, Schneider Electric and Integrasys are working together on this initiative, which focuses on the use of an IP network, wireless communications and the internet of things to obtain a “predictive" maintenance tool to remotely manage power substations. This means that, by improving access to information provided by the facilities’ components, possible faults can be prevented before they occur.

“We are looking for a future solution that enables us to pre-empt possible faults in the power distribution grid facilities and thus improve the reliability of the supply.”

María Avery Fernández (Endesa Distribución)

What are the other advantages of applying these new systems? The service life of the machinery would be extended and the use of wireless technology would save wiring costs. Furthermore, the discoveries made during the project would not only be applied to the new facilities but also to existing ones.

The 3S CS project is co-funded by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), the Regional Government of Andalusia and the EU ERDF Funds; it forms part of the Interconnect program and it is endorsed by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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