Futur-e at Compostilla

The Futur-e plan for Compostilla includes an international tender to promote the implementation of new business initiatives in El Bierzo, the development of 780 renewable megawatts (MW), the organisation of professional training courses for contractor employees and other workers in the region and the prioritisation of local labour in the tasks of dismantling the plant.

Futur-e Plan

The Futur-e Plan that we have implemented in the vicinity of the Compostilla plant is in response to our commitment to a fair transition that allows progress to be made in the decarbonisation of the economy following sustainability criteria. The objective is to mitigate the social and economic consequences of plant closure and to create shared value with all local agents.

The plan includes, among other actions:

  •   the development of renewable projects of up to 700 MW in the area, with an investment of 600 million euros. These projects will accompany the dismantling of the plant over the next five years and will generate around 1,000 jobs per year.
  •   the promotion of training in renewable energies in the area, as well as in the dismantling of plants and in sectors of potential development to improve employability. This training will allow workers in the area to take advantage of the employment opportunities that will arise in the dismantling of the thermal power plant, which will last four years, in the execution of   renewable energy projects and in other sectors with a future that may be developed with new business projects.
  • organisation of the tender to search for projects . Endesa's facilities in Compostilla, out of service since the end of June 2020, are ideal for the development of other business projects.

The search for business initiatives for the Compostilla industrial complex follows a model that has already been applied successfully by Enel in Italy, which we have adapted to the El Bierzo environment with a team of specialists that the University of León made available to Endesa. In this process, the University of León was responsible for defining the social, economic and environmental needs of El Bierzo, to be able to assess the degree of sustainability of the proposals so that they address the real needs of the region. 

The plant

Key data

The Compostilla Thermal Power Unit (TPU) has three active thermal generation groups, which have a total power of 1052 MW. The unit includes all of the necessary water supply infrastructures required for both open and closed-circuit cooling towers, and it also houses one of the main nodes on the Transport Network at 400 and 220 kV. The area covers more than 330 hectares, 80 of which are used for industrial purposes.

Location Type of power station Surface area Plant capacity
Cubillos del Sil (León) Thermal 330 hectares 1.052 MW
Compostilla power station

The territory

The Compostilla Thermal Production Unit is located in the municipal districts of Cubillos del Sil and Ponferrada in the El Bierzo region, in the northwest of the province of León. This district is home to 125,000 inhabitants, has a long history of agricultural and industrial traditions and forms part of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

Compostilla is connected to the Western Europe Motorway of the Sea through Ferrol, Gijón and A Coruña, and is one hour away from the high-speed railway that connects Madrid with León and Oviedo. What's more, the A-6 motorway is just 6 km away.

For more information, download the following documents

The project tender

Through the international call for projects we seek to attract economic activity and employment to the area by making the site and the existing assets at the plant available to interested parties. After analysing the proposals submitted, the Committee assessing the initiatives has endorsed five of the eight projects that had been presented as binding proposals. From Endesa, we will be directly involved in three business plans: two of our own and a third included among the five initiatives which have received backing.

The proposals are declared suitable but with conditions, which means they are compatible with the territory, are linked to the mobility sector and the provision of social and health services. Two of these initiatives are linked to the manufacture of industrial products and construction materials through the use of by-products from industrial processes and waste; and one is a hydrogen production plant with Endesa’s involvement as an industrial partner. Compostilla could become a benchmark for sustainable mobility, social health services and the circular economy on a national scale.

The three projects that did not obtain the qualification of “suitable” were not, however, rejected by the evaluation committee. Given their characteristics, it is considered that they would be more suitable in other spaces in the area which are enabled for such purpose. All the participants comprising the technical committee are committed to providing these projects with the support and follow-up to enable them to assume their place in the economic fabric of the territory.

The tender procedure has been developed in different phases:  


Request for expressions of interest

 All interested parties should submit the Expression of Interest document using the template available in the Documentation section and put forward a project execution and launch proposal. This may relate to the whole site or simply part of the site.

In order to prepare the project summary, those interested can consult all of the information available on this website.

The Expression of Interest document can be submitted up until 31/01/2020 at 14:00 via email to planfuturo@endesa.es. The document must be signed, along with its attachments.

By sending the Expression of Interest document to the specified email address, full acceptance of all terms and conditions stipulated in the process for requesting expressions of interest document included in the Documentation section will be assumed.


Stage two

Those shortlisted after the first stage will receive a letter of invitation to continue onto the second stage, in which they will have to complete the proposed project with an economic-financial business plan, a timeline and a sustainability assessment that covers the various social, occupational and environmental impacts.

The shortlisting process will be an ongoing process once the Expression of Interest document has been submitted. The second stage of the process encompasses 'due diligence', a site inspection and the offer regarding the transaction proposed by the interested party in accordance with the project.

Finally, an evaluation board, comprising different public administrations, the University of León and Endesa will analyse the suitability of the proposals submitted from a social and sustainability point of view (which pass the second phase). This objective of this body will be to assess the adequacy of the projects with regard to the needs of the area, their business viability and their ability to generate employment.

The process will culminate in the selection of valid projects and the signing of agreements with the developers.


Query mailbox

For more information about the process or if you have any further questions, please email us at planfuturo@endesa.es.

Documentation of the Announcement

Process for requesting expressions of interest

PDF (0.23MB) Download

Expression of Interest forms

ZIP (0.57MB) Download

Guidelines (Spanish version)

PDF (0.46MB) Download

Financial support information (Spanish version)

PDF (0.86MB) Download

More information about the plant and the environment

Facility plans and maps (Spanish version)

PDF (5.38MB) Download

Information leaflet (Spanish version)

PDF (0.72MB) Download

Information dossier

PDF (3.18MB) Download

Photographs (Spanish version)

PDF (2.98MB) Download
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