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Stage 8: Tarragona - Barcelona

From the amphitheatre of Tarragona, with the Mediterranean Sea as a witness, Samantha and Grasielli set course for Barcelona, where after enjoying the landscapes of the open road, they enjoyed a calçotada upon arrival.

Silence reigns

Stage 8 of the #eVuelta began early in the Roman amphitheatre of Tarragona, opposite the Mediterranean sea. Grasielli, an Endesa employee, met Samantha there. Both of them were very excited and keen to get going.


The journey

After greeting the authorities and media they began their journey to Barcelona. Once at the wheel, the main players in this stage could enjoy the landscapes of Tarragona province with the advantages of the electric vehicle. No environmental or acoustic contamination.

On arriving in Barcelona, they were welcomed by a large group of people waiting for them to reach the city. Next, they went to the Can Martí restaurant, where they enjoyed a calçotada, a gastronomic fiesta typical of Catalonia, with some unbeatable views of the city of Barcelona.


99 km for this stage

Electricity consumed

24,56 kWh for €1,47*

Kg of CO₂ avoided

23,73 kg of CO₂ avoided

Ruta etapa 8 de Tarragona a Barcelona

Get to know the cars from the stage

The 2nd Tour of Spain in Electric Vehicle uses two kinds of efficient vehicle currently on the market:

The Kia Soul EV, with zero emissions, electric autonomy of up to 250 km and innovative technology that enables recovering up to 12% of kinetic energy; the battery recharges when braking and in retention.

On our journey, we also used the Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid (Niro PHEV) that combines major versatility with very low fuel consumption and emissions. Therefore, it has the ZERO label and can drive free of restrictions during the high contamination episodes in major cities. It enjoys bonuses when parked in regulated areas. The 100% electric version of this model comes out on the market soon.


Taking part

On this occasion, Sergio Zumaquero was the winner of the #eVuelta fox hunting award. Congratulations!

Follow us in real time on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #eVuelta.

Legal foundations of the call.

Leave Tarragona
Photocall Tarragona
Grasielli, an Endesa employee, on the verge of starting stage 8
Recharging batteries
In full electric phase
Sustainable caravan
Samantha bets on sustainable mobility
Photos of stage 8 of the #eVuelta

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