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ecaR, sustainable driving in Mallorca and Ibiza

The network of charging points for ecaR (Fast Auto Electric Car Charging Club) allows you to travel around Malloca and Ibiza without worrying about running out of battery.

Is it possible to tour islands like Mallorca and Ibiza in an electrical car? ecaR is a pioneering sustainable mobility initiative in Spain: the first self-recharge club which, thanks to a network of quick charge points, allows you to drive around the islands, with the assurance of not getting stuck without battery.

Projects like this are able to expand the number of areas in which sustainable mobility is not just an alternative, but also a path with potential for becoming the main means of transport.

The islands of Mallorca and Ibiza have joined this project to demonstrate the possibility of driving around the entire islands in an electrical car, thanks to the different recharge points installed and distributed throughout the area.


Mallorca, a sustainable island and free of emissions

Mallorca is not just sun, beach, night life and water sports. The largest Balearic island is also a green paradise, one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean that deserves to be preserved. Why not discover it in a sustainable way?

Ricard Puiggros is one of the first ecaR users on the island. "I was sure that I wanted an electric vehicle, but I couldn't decide between a 100% electric vehicle and a hybrid, because I was afraid of not being guaranteed to be able to take a long trip. But then I saw that were I live—in Mallorca—Endesa had strongly committed to the electric vehicle with the installation of quick chargers in order to not have problems when driving a car of this kind."

The recharging infrastructure is key. When electric car users reach the recharge points, they find fewer barriers in terms of the commitment to this type of clean vehicles. That is according to the everyday drivers of the 100% electric vehicles. José Luis Rodríguez is one of them: he was one of the first taxi drivers in the city of Madrid to acquire a vehicle with these characteristics.

“People like to get into electric vehicles; passengers tell me that they are delighted to be in such a quiet car and to know that they are not creating any pollution.”

José Luis Rodríguez, taxi driver of a 100% electric car

The best thing about ecaR is that we can enjoy this efficient driving experience both if we live in Mallorca and if we are on holiday on the island. Because ecaR is also designed for tourists who want to experience driving a vehicle 100% free of emissions, by renting one from a rental car company that has incorporated them into its fleet.


Ibiza, electric mobility with the semi-quick recharge network

Ibiza is the second Spanish island where ecaR has been implemented. Through five semi-rapid chargers, it is possible to drive with an electric vehicle throughout the entire island without getting stuck without battery, given that they are strategically located around the island for the sake of long trips.

The new public charging network available on Ibiza is supplied with renewable energy with five universal 22kW chargers and with two points each. This extension of the ecaR programme was established thanks to the agreement signed with smart, with which smart EQ cars can charge their vehicle at no cost.

“Implementing this network in Ibiza is another step so that the electric vehicle is a growing reality. It is essential to break down the initial barrier of fear of running out of battery and we will set up 600 publicly accessible recharging points over three years.”

Josep Trabado, General Manager of Endesa X

This agreement forms part of the alliance for electric mobility created in 2017 with smart and that has three pillars: the installation of recharging points for individuals, the creation of the Tempo Zero Smart rate and the continuation of the public access recharging network.


Quick charge within everyone's reach

The electric car recharging network where we can recharge our car battery in less than 30 minutes is valid for any type of vehicle, regardless of the model or manufacturer.

The free ecaR application, available for iOS and Android, facilitates planning trips for drivers. In addition, thanks to a new mobile phone payment system with credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard), all users will be able to recharge their electric vehicle, even if they are not ecaR club members. With the ecaR app, the user can reserve a recharging point, instantly receive their service bill and control their expenses with their history of recharging receipts.

Worry-free and forgetting about distances. This project, co-funded with FEDER funds, was founded with this philosophy. Because if something concerns users when thinking of an 100% electric car, it is the assurance of having sufficient autonomy.

Mallorca and Ibiza already enjoy the innovation generated with this type of vehicles. The objective is to promote electric mobility and free of emissions. Continuing to grow the ecaR programme through these actions favours sustainable driving being more well known, and its advantages reach more people.

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