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smart and Endesa open the first public charging network to be able to travel drive in ibiza in an electric car

Josep Trabado of Enel X Iberia (left), and Roland Schell, of Mercedes-Benz Spain.
Josep Trabado of Enel X Iberia (left), and Roland Schell, of Mercedes-Benz Spain.
Josep Trabado of Enel X Iberia (left), and Roland Schell, of Mercedes-Benz Spain.
Josep Trabado of Enel X Iberia (left), and Roland Schell, of Mercedes-Benz Spain.
  • They have opened a new semi-fast recharging network in Ibiza linked with the ecaR application: five chargers strategically located to drive around the whole island with no fear of being low on battery power.
  • The ecaR application for mobile devices, which already successfully operates in Mallorca, will allow members to locate the closest points, reserve them, find the best route to get there, calculate the travel time and pay.
  • The new public charging network, which is supplied with energy from a renewable source, also enables EQ smart vehicle users to charge for free.
  • The two groups signed a partnership in March last year to drive e-mobility, break down entry barriers and get the public to come together in ‘zero emissions’ traffic.
  • Smart's commercial network facilitates the in-home installation of a recharging point through the ‘Charge & Install Package’. Endesa offers an exclusive free recharge rate from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m., up to 1,200 kWh per year (for approximately 8,000 annual km).

Endesa and Smart have deployed a new semi-fast recharging network for electric vehicles in Ibiza that allows driving completely around the island with zero emissions with no fear of being low on battery power, thanks to the chargers also being fed by energy from renewable sources.   There are five 22kW chargers, each with two stations, at which charging from 10 to 80% of the EQ smart battery requires less than 40 minutes or at which a 15 minute recharge gives an extra range of some 40 km. Additionally, for users of EQ smart vehicles, recharging at this public charging network will be free.

The opening event of the new network took place this morning at the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and was attended by the Chairman of Mercedes-Benz España, Roland Schell and the General Director of Endesa X, Josep Trabado.

For Roland Schell ‘Leading the transition from the heat engine to the electric vehicle is one of the fundamental priorities of Mercedes-Benz Cars. In fact, the Smart's firm commitment to this technology is such that as of 2020, it will only offer electric drive vehicles in Europe. Projects like the one that we are presenting today with the support of Endesa are the key to integrate this technology in the mobility habits of society’.

For his part, Josep Trabado has asserted that ‘Endesa is firmly committed to the deployment of the electric vehicle, contributing a smart recharging infrastructure and supplying clean energy for new emission-free automobiles. It favours a higher efficiency of the electric system and a greater penetration in renewable energies. We have vast experience in the development and management of recharging and commissioning this network in Ibiza is one more step toward the electric vehicle being an even greater reality. It is fundamental to break down the entry barrier that presumes the fear of being low on battery power, and we are going to install 600 public-access charging points in three years. Additionally, having partners, such as Smart and the Palladium Group on this path, is unquestionably, quite a privilege'.

Within the philosophy of offering the customer a high standard of quality in a sustainable framework, both for its products, as well as its services, the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel has installed four other chargers to handle recharging the fleet of 25 EQ Smart that the hotel uses to give its customers mobility.

All the chargers that are on the island are universal 22 kW. The user only has to download the free application from the Endesa ecaR club (available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store) to start to enjoy their experience with e-mobility easily, simply and with no worries.

The ecaR application is a pioneering initiative that Endesa kicked off in Mallorca in 2015, and which, now with the experience and success obtained, was extended to Ibiza:

No cash is needed to recharge: after registering in the ecaR service, it is only necessary to download the application, arrive at the recharge point, access it through the application and charge with no difficulties. Also, in the event of not being registered in ecaR, it is possible to charge with no complications: you simply have to download the app and pay with a credit card, with no need to have a contract signed with Endesa. In this way universality of access to the network is assured.

Recharge reservation: with the application it is possible to locate the closest charger, verify that it is free and reserve it. It also allows activating the GPS to take you to its exact location.

Full operation through mobile phone: When you are in front of the recharge point, open it from the application and the charging starts. It is possible to interrupt the recharging from the mobile phone when you want and access all information on invoices, reservations, etc., with no need to have a physical RFID card.

Mas autonomia, mas cerca. Aqui tiene señalados los puntos de recarga de Endesa, lleve siempre con usted este mapa y circulara con toda la tranquilidad de saber que la autonomia de su vehiculo electrico está garantizada. 1.Ibiza. 2.Sant Rafael de Sa Creu. 3.Sant Antoni de Portmany. 4.Santa Eularia des Riu. 5. Restaurante Can Curune
Mas autonomia, mas cerca. Aqui tiene señalados los puntos de recarga de Endesa, lleve siempre con usted este mapa y circulara con toda la tranquilidad de saber que la autonomia de su vehiculo electrico está garantizada. 1.Ibiza. 2.Sant Rafael de Sa Creu. 3.Sant Antoni de Portmany. 4.Santa Eularia des Riu. 5. Restaurante Can Curune

Partnership for E-Mobility

The agreement between Smart and Endesa, signed in March 2017 is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Installation of recharging points for individuals. With the purpose of facilitating the consumer's transition to the electric vehicle, Mercedes-Benz España, the Smart brand representative in Spain, has the supply and installation of the recharging equipment, with a two-year warranty, integrated into its sales process. The campaign has been operating more than one year and has proven to be a decisive factor for those clients that want to transfer to e-mobility: the customer has simply installed a recharge point at his home once he has purchased the smart vehicle.
  • Creation of an exclusive rate, SMART ZERO TIME by Endesa. Smart's customers can benefit exclusively from energy with a free renewable certificate. Specifically, it makes 1,200 kWh per year available at 0€ for charging between 1:00 and 7:00 a.m., or in terms of range, 8,000 km per year free.
  • Public-access recharging network. Kicking off a co-investment project for deployment of a recharging infrastructure network in various locations in Spain as of 2018. The infrastructure will be connected to a control centre that will allow tracking, steering and knowledge on the part of the electric vehicle user of its status. The system will enable operation and service in response to incidents, remotely, offering high reliability to the user over the service.


smart EQ

smart is the only manufacturer of automobiles that offers its full range of models both with combustion engines, as well as totally electric with lithium ion batteries. The Smart EQ range models have a three-phase synchronous 60 kW (81 CV) motor and a pair of 160 Nm available from the first run. It has a range of 160 km (155 km in the forfour and cabrio versions) according to the NEDC cycle and its full charge is done in 3.5 hours when it is connected to a 4.3 to 7.2 kW network (household outlet). The charging time (from 10% to 80%) is reduced to less than 40 minutes when the charging is done at a semi-fast charging point at 22 kW (for vehicles equipped with an optional 22 kW charger). Additionally, the Smart EQ has a series with the ‘smart control’ application, with which the long-distance charging process can be monitored and controlled.



Endesa, in its Open Power strategy and in line with the Enel Group, shows its commitment to the environment, working on the momentum of sustainable mobility as a key tool in the struggle against climate change and sustainable development. Aware of the energy challenges that society is facing, Endesa promotes electricity as the energy vector capable of reconciling some environmental requirements and increasingly demanding efficiency with the coverage of citizens’ energy needs. One of the key focuses in this matter is unquestionably e-mobility, which it has been working on for many years, through three levers for action: promotion and outreach, both internally as well as externally; technological development and commercial offering.


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