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Endesa holds its first boot camp to hear about the projects and ideas of young companies in 3 minutes

 Group of people at the Endesa Open Power Space in Madrid
  • Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid will receive 13 startups from France, Israel, the United States, Portugal and Spain, to hear their ideas about the energy products and services of the future.
  • This initiative forms part of Endesa’s open innovation model, which aims to discover new quality ideas in order to grow. 

13 startups. A three-minute elevator pitch for each of them and two more minutes for possible questions that the 50+ guests may want to ask. That is how intense and practical Endesa’s first boot camp was, which was held in its collaborative work space, Open Power Space, with the aim of hearing about projects and ideas that offer new products and services for our customers. 

The startups invited to Endesa’s headquarters in Madrid came from France, Israel, the United States and Spain; they talked about distributed generation, smart mobility, drones, energy efficiency, customer experience, etc. and they presented their ideas to those in charge of each line of business within the organisation. 

The initiative forms part of Endesa’s open innovation model designed to find new energy efficient products and services with the collaboration of entrepreneurs. The aim is to challenge the most brilliant minds to search for solutions in the energy world that enable the current model to be transformed.  

Endesa is aware that the development of a new sustainable model needs to provide specific solutions for customers' most immediate requirements; enhancing and improving consumers’ everyday lives because, throughout this entire process, consumers are becoming increasingly action-oriented with the capacity to decide. 


More challenges underway

The initiative forms part of Endesa Energy Challenges, Endesa’s open innovation platform that seeks to transform the future of energy. 

One of Endesa's other challenges, which is reaching its final stage, is the Blockchain Lab an invitation to experts in the field, which attracted 45 projects that have been assessed in recent months. All of them were chosen for defining short and medium-term products and services and for providing emerging technologies that are interesting in the long-term; and all based on the use of the blockchain. We will soon find out which ones will continue to be developed. 

Blockchain is the technology behind the development of the virtual currency bitcoin and it could change the way business is carried out around the world by enabling the exchange of assets without central intermediaries: a kind of incorruptible digital registry, as it can only be updated with the consensus of the majority of participants on the system and information can never be deleted.

But Endesa Energy Challenges has also proposed other challenges:

The Hackathon, a meeting of innovative ideas, in which the winning idea was an app that can detect inefficiencies and energy losses in households.

The Datathon, a competition aimed at finding innovative proposals based on the analysis of customers’ estimated consumption data, which was a huge success, with over 600 ideas from 20 countries taking part.

We also collaborated in the first European hackathon for industry 4.0: the Ennomotive Hackathon for Industry 4.0, a challenge based on the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things, the development of cobots (collaborative robots) and 3-D printers for helping maintenance and distribution grids to improve their tasks and the safety of their operations.

And also Energy for Entrepreneurs, a permanently open window for entrepreneurs to contact Endesa and tell us about their project and if they are of interest, we jointly define the best way to collaborate with the development of these projects. 

If you would like to find out more about our open innovation model and the Endesa Energy Challenges:https://www.endesa.com/es/sostenibilidad/a201610-innovacion-abierta.html;



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