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We have adopted this model to find ideas that will help us grow

Open innovation

We have adopted this model to find ideas that will help us grow

Open innovation is a new model of the relationship of companies with external stakeholders that promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Open innovation is a new relationship model for companies with external agents (universities, startups, research centres, other companies in the same or another industry…) which promotes collaboration and the exchange of ideas. 

At Endesa, we have adopted this open model to find high-quality ideas that enable us to grow. We have entered this new culture with the purpose of developing innovative ideas capable of transforming the current energy model.


Endesa and Entrepreneurs: Attracting External Talent

We have opened different channels to promote communication and collaboration with startups and entrepreneurs, which are characterised by their capacity for disruptive innovation, how they use technology, and above all, their flexibility in developing and bringing products and services to the market in the shortest possible time.

As part of the Enel Group, we benefit from the activity of the Group's nine Innovation Hubs, and in particular, the Enel Innovation Hub Europe opened in 2017 in Madrid. These Innovation Hubs are located in important business centres and strategic markets for the Group around the world: Brazil, Chile, Spain, Israel, Italy, Russia and Silicon Valley. The Enel Innovation Hub Europe has the responsibility to develop the relationship with the important entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe.

On the other hand, we participate in initiatives and events to promote innovation and support for entrepreneurs, such as the South Summit – the largest entrepreneurial exhibition in Southern Europe - or the European accelerator INCENSe – dedicated to promoting innovation and the use of advanced technology.


The culture of innovation: Idea Hub

In order to promote the creation of a culture of innovation among Endesa employees as a key factor of transformation, Enel Idea Hub Spain has been created, a unit dedicated to fostering innovative culture within the company through promoting the use of creativity methodologies, entrepreneurship projects and training programmes in specific innovation tools.


Open Innovability, the digital door, open to sustainable innovation

With the aim of promoting a culture of innovation inside and outside of the Enel Group, the Open Innovability platform was created, where both employees and startups, independent innovators, universities and research centres, enterprises, NGOs and associations can propose innovative and sustainable ideas or projects that seek to address a number of challenges for the future of the company.

The project is divided into two parts: ‘Challenges’ and ‘I have a Project’. The former focuses on the search for ideas designed to address the business’ requirements. The latter accepts all forms of initiatives, even if these do not coincide with any of the active “challenges” at that time.

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