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Endesa partners with ennomotive in the first european hackathon for industry 4.0

 Image taken from a top level of some of the participants of the first Hackthon of Europe related to industry 4.0 with which Endesa collaborates. They are seated at tables while using laptops. On the walls you can see several colorful port-it glued
  • Endesa will invite participants to use collaborative robots, 3-D printers and the Internet of Things to design systems for electricity distribution network maintenance personnel to use in future.

How to use the new opportunities offered by industry 4.0 to help the teams in charge of maintaining and repairing Endesa’s distribution network in order to improve their work and safety during operations. That is the challenge that Endesa will put to participants taking part in the Ennomotive Hackathon for Industry 4.0 organised by the collaborative engineering problem solving company Ennomotive.

Endesa is taking part in the event through its network technologies department and it will challenge participants in this first European hackathon for industry 4.0 to use their ingenuity to help design systems that the teams responsible for maintaining the electrical distribution network could use in the future, making the most of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things, the development of cobots (collaborative robots) and 3-D printers. From collaborative robots that accompany technicians and enable risk situations to be detected or provide help during repair operations, to devices equipped with 3-D printers for creating spare parts or tools required to restore the electrical network. 

Endesa and Ferrovial will be collaborating with the event, which will be held on the 30 September and 1 October, at the IE Business School in Madrid. It is also supported by technology companies such as Universal Robots and Stratasys.

The participants, from a number of European countries including Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic, will use collaborative robots, drones, simulator systems, 3D printers and IoT devices to develop rapid prototyping solutions that optimise different industrial operations. 

Teams will submit their solutions to a jury made up of Ennomotive, event partners and other organisations such as the Spanish Industry 4.0 Observatory and the ICAI National School of Engineering, which will assess the best projects. The winner of Endesa’s proposed challenge will be able to access Endesa's scholarship programme via the Bridge Scholarship programme.

The ENEL group’s network technologies department, responsible for innovation in new technologies within the group, will have an active role in the event, providing its experience in order to relate the projects to the electricity company’s real environments and requirements and also enabling the continuity of the proposals via the scholarship programme which will be carried out within this area of technology.

Robert Denda, Head of Network Technology at Enel: “At Endesa and in the Enel group, we are leading the digitalisation of our networks through the extensive use of IoT technologies, among others. In this hackathon we want to complement this with robotics and 3D printers with the aim of providing our staff with additional support mechanisms in the future, by taking advantage of the possibilities offered to us by the new industry 4.0 revolution”.