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Commitment to our people

Involvement and inclusion of our people

The people who work for the company are our main asset, which is why we are committed to diversity and equal opportunities.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 4: Quality education
SDG 5: Gender equality
SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

The people who work for the company are its main asset. For this reason, we are committed to diversity and equal opportunities as a way to differentiate and add value to our business.

We are constantly striving to identify and develop the potential of our employees, so that their performance can help to make the company a benchmark for the sector. In addition, we foster training, teamwork and knowledge sharing, creating a work environment in which dialogue, creativity and initiative are rewarded.

More information on talent.

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Diversity and inclusion

At Endesa, as part of our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and Human Rights Policy, we reject all forms of discrimination and undertake to guarantee and promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. Also, in compliance with the values and principles in our Code of Ethics, we have adopted the following fundamental principles:

  • Non-discrimination.
  • Equal opportunities for all forms of diversity.
  • Inclusion.
  • Balancing of personal, family and professional life.


To find out about all the initiatives we have underway, go to the diversity and equal opportunities page.

Female employees in 2019
Women in management positions
managers and intermediate controls

Promoting diversity

% female hiring
% of women in executive positions (manager)
% women as intermediate controls


% female hiring

2017: 35

2018: 32

2019: 38

2022. 38

% of women in executive positions (manager)

2017: 16,4

2018: 17,5

2019: 18,7

2022. 19

% women as intermediate control

2017: 31,9

2018: 32,5

2019: 32,7

2022. 33,3

Talent development and performance evaluation

We are applying an innovative process to evaluate people’s behaviour based on the exchange of feedback among all the people in the organisation: Open Feedback Evaluation (OFE), which introduces two important innovations:

  • Evaluations can be carried out by any person within the organisation (previously only the manager made the evaluation).
  • The feedback evaluation process is open all year round (previously it took place at a specific time).



Training in digital transformation was a priority in 2019, with more than 402,953 hours taught. Our goal is to have well-trained staff with the capacity to adapt to new changes in the sector.

In order to continue promoting training (both online and in-person), we have established a new objective in our 2020-2022 Sustainability Plan: a target of 51.3 hours of annual training on average per employee in 2022, as compared to 50.6 in 2019.

employees trained in 2019
of the workforce trained in 2019
average hours of training per employee in 2019
target of average hours of training per employee by 2022

Work/life balance

We are committed to making it easier to balance work and personal life through five main action areas:

  • Quality employment (permanent contracts, pension plans, health and well-being, support for expatriates, etc.), temporal and spatial flexibility (reductions in working hours, leaves of absence, paid leave, etc.).
  • Temporal and spatial flexibility (reductions in working hours, leaves of absence, paid leave, etc.).
  • Support for the family (leaves of absence, leaves and flexible working to care for family members, help for elderly dependants, etc.).
  • Professional development (professional/technical/skills/language training, volunteer programmes, coaching, etc.).
  • Equal opportunities (professional assistance for victims of gender violence, medical advice, etc.).


We have several measures in place that make it possible to adapt the working day to the needs of the people who work at the company. Among them is the Work Outside the Office project, an innovative way of working based on trust that allows employees greater flexibility and independence in choosing their place, time and way of working.

employees on the payroll
Work/life balance
employees benefited from one of the work-life balance measures in 2019

Employment climate

At Endesa we launch a climate survey every two years to find out the motivation and commitment of employees to the company. In 2018, the result was 60.5/100. In 2019 action plans were implemented in various areas of the Company and at all levels, with the aim of increasing the employees’ motivation, well-being and commitment to the organisation.

Some notable examples of actions included in these plans are:

  • The Cambiamos (We are Changing) cultural transformation project, which sets out a communication strategy with a strongly emotional character, with the aim of transmitting to our employees the transformation process in which the company is involved.
  • Continuity in the commitment to flexibility policies.
  • The Smart Workplace pilot project at Endesa X, which transforms several core concepts into a business unit’s way of working.

Our projects about inclusion of our people

Continue reading about Sustainability Plan

Occupational Health and Safety

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