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Inclusion of our people

People, our main asset

Our people are the driving force behind the company, that is why we are committed to diversity, equality, talent and training.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 4: Quality education
SDG 5: Gender equality

Our people, human capital, are the company's main asset. They are the mirror image of our values and business model. That is why we are committed to equal opportunity and to promoting diversity as two factors that make us different.

We are also continuously working on attracting and retaining talent, as well as promoting training so that our workers' performance contributes to making the company a benchmark in the sector. Here at Endesa, we understand that taking care of people is taking care of the company and, therefore, its results. 

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Our workforce reflects diversity and inclusion

Currently, we have about 9,591 employees with an average age of 47.6 years. In 2020, we recruited 253 people, 97.41% of employment contracts were indefinite and the vast majority of the workforce worked full time. These figures are an indicator of how we have become a generator of employment.

With regard to the values of equality and diversity, we defined a Gender Diversity Action Plan, in line with our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, aimed at increasing the presence of women in the company, as well as their presence in positions of responsibility and ensuring equality in wages and salaries.

More information on the Diversity and Inclusion page.


Commitment to talent and personal development

We actively participate both in events specialising in digital profiles and in different employment fairs to offer vacancies to young recent graduates and especially to those with STEM profiles. We also organised workshops for secondary school and university students to spark interest in STEM training and to promote the Endesa brand. In 2021, of the 678 recruitments, 68 corresponded to scholarship recipients incorporated that year.

We include talent development and personal and professional growth as part of our business strategy focussed on the sustainability of human capital.

More information in the Talent section.


Training our employees

Having a trained and adaptable workforce enables the growth of human capital. That is why we focus on training and organise apprenticeship actions to improve the technical qualifications required for people to fulfil their duties and develop personally.

We have started to implement a new learning model focussed on globalising processes, on the employee's user experience, on developing new tools and new ways of thinking.

We also organised 5,387 training events with the participation of 8,876 employees. This activity involved 406,917 hours of training, with an average of 43.95 hours per employee.

employees trained in 2021
of the workforce trained in 2021
average hours of training per employee in 2021
target of average hours of training per employee by 2022-2023

Work-Life balance

We are committed to promoting work-life balance through five main areas of action:

  • High quality employment (indefinite contract, pension plans, health and well-being, support for expatriates, etc.), flexibility in time and space (shorter working days, time off, paid leave, etc.).
  • Flexibility in time and space (shorter working days, time off, paid leave, etc.).
  • Support for the family (time off, paid leave and a flexible timetable for family care, helping dependant elderly family members, etc.).
  • Professional development (professional/technical/skills/language training, volunteer programmes, coaching, etc.).
  • Equal opportunities (professional support for victims of gender-based violence, medical advice, etc.).

Our measures include the possibility of adapting the working day. Of these, special mention should go to "Work Outside the Office". Over 6,000 people have taken to working remotely to guarantee their health and safety and prevent contagion. 

Work-Life balance
employees who benefited from one of the work-life balance measures in 2021

Our projects about inclusion of our people

Continue reading about Sustainability Plan

Occupational Health and Safety

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