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Occupational health & safety

The health and safety of our employees and partners is a priority for us

The continuous improvement of working conditions and the protection of the health and safety of our people and partners are priority values in our business culture.

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3: Health and well-being

The continuous improvement of working conditions and the protection of occupational health and safety are fundamental values of our business culture. We have therefore made the following commitments:

  • We are committed to knowing the nature and magnitude of the risks, identifying the hazards and evaluating and controlling the risks.
  • We are committed to acting by adopting professional and personal behaviour that respects current legislation, contractual obligations and our rules and procedures, making sure that we respond to the ideas, interests and concerns of the community, both customers and the general public.
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of working conditions and implement programmes to prevent harm to and the deterioration of health that involve all employees, contractors and suppliers.
  • We are committed to informing our workers of all aspects that could compromise the safety and health of people as a result of our activities. We are also committed to training them properly so that they can work safely and to consulting them and involving them through their representatives.
  • We are committed to guaranteeing our contractors levels of protection equivalent to those we provide to our employees. We are also committed to ensuring them the training and information they need to perform their duties properly.
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of all our areas of activity to ensure that quality products, services and facilities are made available to our customers.
  • We are committed to ensuring that the ideas, interests and concerns of the public and the community regarding issues could affect their health and safety are considered when making business decisions so as to minimise their effects.


Our policy constitutes the frame of reference for setting and measuring the company’s objectives for occupational health and safety.

All Endesa employees are active agents and are responsible for the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and the fulfilment of their aspirations.

The scope of these objectives includes all those who work for Endesa, with no distinction as to whether they are our own employees or employees of the partner companies that help us in our work.


Actions undertaken in 2020

The key initiatives undertaken in 2020 were focused on basic pillars of occupational health and safety and included:

  • Monitoring and control through inspections of activity.
  • Appropriate identification and management of all risks, with a particular focus on psychosocial risks.
  • Detection of improvable aspects of activity and of equipment and facilities.
  • Analysis and dissemination of any incident, even if it does not cause personal injury, through increasingly digital channels.
  • Technological development, innovation and the implementation of improvements in equipment and work procedures.
  • The dissemination among the workforce of a health and safety culture, developing and integrating OHS messages and content through regular campaigns, conferences and awareness workshops.
  • Continuation of the work already begun with the company's partners through regular assessments.
  • Investment in the improvement of preventive training, applying the most innovative available methodologies.
Preventive training
hours of occupational health and safety training in 2020

Main accident indicators

No. de accidents
Indicator 2019 2020 Variation
Spain 35,98 18,41 -48,8%
Own 6 2,85 -52,5%
Contractors 29,98 15,56 -48,09%

Includes fatal accidents.

Frequency rate
Indicator 2019 2020 Variation
Spain 0,68 0,36 47,05%
Own 0,37 0,18 51,35%
Contractors 0,82 0,44 46,34%

Total number of accidents, excluding in itinere, over total hours worked multiplied by 1,000,000.

Severity rate
Indicator 2019 2020 Variation
Spain 0,06 0,06 -
Own 0,03 0,08 166,66%
Contractors 0,08 0,06 -25%

The data do not take into account Enel Energy Europe, the ENDESA Foundation, or the first 7 months of Enel Green Power Spain's financial year. They also take into account the percentage held of ANAV (85.41%)

No. of fatal accidents
Indicator     2019 2020 Variation
Combined 1 1 0%
Own 1 0 -100%
Contractors 0 1 100%
No. of serious accidents
Indicator 2019 2020 Variation
Combined 2 4 100%
Own 0 1 100%
Contractors 2 3 50%
No. of non-serious accidents
Indicator 2019 2020 Variation
Combined 32,98 13,41 -59,3%
Own 5 1,85 -63%
Contractors 27,98 11,56 -58,6%

Includes accidents with sick leave of 2 to 30 days.

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Good governance and ethical conduct

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